Savoy Cinema Galway                                         Art Deco Ireland

Now a snooker hall, the art deco facade of  a former cinema

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This building, in Galway City, on the west coast of Ireland, is now just an art deco facade, with extensive rebuilding behind the retained street frontage, in place of the cinema auditorium which originally had 1,260 seats. 

 The  area facing the street  seems to be in use as a snooker hall at present. This was one of three pre war cinemas in Galway and is by far the most art deco styled of all of them. The screen was originally 21 feet x 16 feet 3 inches and the projectors were Simplex with RCA sound. The architects: Robinson & Keefe, the Irish cinema specialists of the time.

Incidentally the Savoy, Galway and the Savoy, Waterford  had no connection with the other cinemas of the same name in the larger cities.

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