Jerrica and Shana looked over the new cd. On the cover was Jareth, a maze behind him, a crystal ball in his hand, a strange and wonderful piece of art. There were strange creatures and the shape of a castle, a beautiful woman in a fairy tale dress looked out.

"There's a story behind it, a book call Labyrinth," Raya murmured, eyes scanning the booklet that came with the cd. "A girl wishes her little brother away to the Goblin King and must solve his Labyrinth in 13 hours, or else her brother becomes a goblin forever," she read. Then she chuckled. "It says the songs are all written by 'Jareth, The Goblin King'"

"That's so cool!" cried Kimber.

"Come on," Jerrica said, leading her away. "Let's grab our table."


Jareth moved out onto the stage from the darkness, walking into the lights, past his phony band of goblins-made-human. He didn't need them, but one man on stage and music coming from all around would have looked dreadfully suspicious. The music began. He lifted the microphone. All eyes were on him. Somewhere in the audience, the Holograms, Jerrica and Danse with them, watched him too. And in the back of the room, so did Pizzazz and Riot.

He dedicated his song as he'd seen the other performers do it. "I'd like to sing this for some very special people I met today." The spotlight flashed around the room before settling on the table where the Holograms were. They were delighted, flattered. He was fascinated by how he had won them…in a world where he had always been forced to wear the villain's clothes, it felt strange and pleasant to slip into the hero's role.

"You remind me of the babe," he began.

"What babe?" the goblin back up asked dutifully.

"The babe with the power," Jareth answered, looking directly at the Holograms.

"What power?"

"The power of voodoo."

"Who do?"

"You do."

"Do what?"

"Remind me of the babe." And then he sang to them, "I saw my baby, crying hard as babes could cry...What could I do? My baby's love had gone, and left my baby blue…nobody knew…"

His goblins sang their old lines with new voices, making music through his magic. But he would use his magic for more than making music that night. He reached out with it, across the room, and pulled Danse to her feet. He needed her then.

Danse was rising from the table. "Where are you going?" hissed Aja.

She managed to shrug, her face a mask of surprise.

Jareth pointed out to her. A spotlight in blue suddenly fell on her. "And baby said…"

Danse started dancing. She whirled around at his cue, moving with so much grace and ease that it was almost too beautiful. Her body was her instrument, her motions a melody that could bring tears into the eyes of the hardest hearted character. Even Pizzazz stood there in the back, in the darkness, her jaw hanging as if on a weak spring.

She moved effortlessly through the room, using the space around her, no matter how limited. Her movements made the song come to life. No one could decide what to look at, her or Jareth. The dilemma was solved as the song came to an instrumental, and Danse moved to the stage. Jareth reached down, and with one deft movement took her hand and swung her up. And they danced together.

He was not so accomplished as she was, but his magic assisted him, and they made a brilliant pair in that moment. The audience was in love with her, in love with them both. And Jareth was in love with them. This was what he wanted. As he took up the microphone again, singing out the song as Danse moved like a living piece of art, he made his decision.

And as he waved to the audience and bowed with a bewildered Danse at the end of his song, he bid the Labyrinth goodbye forever.


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