Jerrica touched the star earrings. "Showtime, Synergy."

Her outward appearance was replaced by a hologram of the gorgeous, mysterious Jem. She turned to the Holograms. "Let's do it!"

The girls got out of their limo and hurried into the club, past the click and flash of cameras all around them. They were set to perform at the premier party for a new movie, and the room they walked into was filled with glamorous movie stars. The Holograms fit right in.

Rio was there already and waved to them, happy to see Jem. "You look amazing!" he said.

Jem smiled at him, flatterd, though Jerrica's heart was aching beneath the illusion of the rock star. "Thanks, Rio."

"The stage is all ready for you. You can mingle for a few more minutes; you don't need to go on for a while." He took Jem's hand. "But I'd like you to stay right here."

"Wow!" cried Kimber.

The other girls glanced first at her, and then at what she was looking at.

"Wow is right," breathed Aja.

"What a babe," Raya added.

A man was standing at one end of the room, shaking hands, saying a few polite words. He had pale blonde hair cut into different lengths, the longest falling around his handsome face. His body was long and graceful, and he wore a dark jacket and tight fitting pants. He also had on black gloves and a pendant around his neck. His eyes were two different colors, one dark and the other blue. He glanced up as if he knew they were watching him and smiled at the Holograms.

That was enough for Kimber. She grabbed Rio's arm. "Who *is* that guy!?" she demanded.

Rio shrugged. "I don't really know. I think his name is Jared or something like that. He's a singer; one of his tunes just hit the charts. He's started some record company, Underground Music. Might be a competitor."

Raya gave a lopsided grin of mischief. "I can turn him to our side."

"No way, girl, I saw him first," Kimber replied flatly.

Jem laughed. "Well, you two fight it out *after* the show."

When they took the stage, every eye was on them. Jem took the mike and prepared to open with their signature song. She nodded to the Holgrams. The music started, and she began to sing, her voice taking the audience to new heights.

"Like a dream
I'll appear to you
Like a dream
That is coming true
Like a dream
I will take you to a place you've never seen before..."

As she performed, she noticed the blonde man moving closer to the stage, and his eyes captured her. She was singing to him, then, and he knew it. He smiled. Jem's heart fluttered. And so did Jerrica's. For one brief instant, Rio and all his complications ceased to exist. Here was a man who could truly see her, who could understand her duality, who could understand secrets...

And then the crowd moved. And he was gone.


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