November 1, 3:17 a.m.

Hello, Notebook. Taco’s famous Ivory Tower Halloween Masquerade went down without a hitch—unless you count when Jules (who was so drunk she’ll be feeling woozy for the next three days) locked Tony (equally smashed and in full toga regalia as co-host of the party) in the bathroom with her. She was dressed as Cleopatra and kept saying that the Egyptians had ways of making one talk. Eventually, the screaming stopped, so, like I said, I’m not sure it counts as a hitch. They were still in there when Sarah and I left and went back to her apartment.

I won’t say what happened, but she was dressed as a fairy princess tonight, and I’M the one covered in head-to-toe glitter now…

Sarah, Sarah. So yes, she called. And yes, she was alright. And yes, we’re going to live happily ever after.
She said that someone had told her once that forever wasn’t long at all. And I think they were right. Forever probably just flies by when you’re this happy.



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