What would you do for love?

For the Herald Aeris, it has come down to a choice between loves. Inigo Montoya has come back into her life, as Fezzik brings strange news of a sea storm that took the latest Dread Pirate Roberts. But even as Aeris begins her quest to save him, Sarah's long-forgotten memories of the betrayal are resurfacing and threaten to overtake her, destroying her world and her innocence again. If Aeris goes, she risks losing the closest thing she has had to a sister. Abandoning her mission could mean the life of the man she once loved and could love still.

Continuing on could also mean uncovering the secrets at the heart of the Herald mythos, the dark fables that lie at the beginning of the strange and wonderful world of fancy that has been Aeris' reality since she first drew breath.

Will Sarah regain her memory and destroy the screen of fantasy Jareth and Aeris and the rest of her friends have constructed? Can Aeris rescue Inigo without failing Sarah? And who is Inigo's unnamed captor? More than anything...how would you choose? What would you do for love?

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