This is the story series I began in April of 1998. It was my first attempt at anything on the Labyrinth List, and I was extremely nervous as I sent out the first tale, A Herald in Vengeance. I had wanted to do something different. I felt like most of the stories I read were about a girl falling for Jareth in the post-Sarah world of Labyrinth. So what about a girl who's just friends with him in a pre-Sarah world?

Somewhere along the line my brain took a giant step and I thought up the race of Heralds. In the disclaimer for the series (which I advise you not to skip) I credit the old Wildfire cartoon series as the inspiration. But making the leap from the Pixie Painters to Aeris, well...that was all me, I think:)

Several stories and two Green Awards later, I'm very proud of what this series has become. I hope you enjoy it.

Wait--you don't have time to read all those stories? You're desperate to catch up? Okay, okay. That's what the spoiler page is for. But it's not as good as the stories.........

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