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~ Actually this is more of an About the Author page but staff is shorter to write. Sorry but I'm not going to accept any staff members.

Name: Zeras
AKA: The God of Death
Job: Everything
Age: Unknown
Quote: "True cunning isn't a weakness, just a strength that you don't have."
Bio: Zeras is always the optomistic one of the bunch. Whenever his pals are looking blue you can count on him to try and cheer them up. Although sometimes this can appear to be annoying which actually may anger whoever he was trying to cheer up unintentionally. Although he'd rather be just hanging out, when the time comes, he can be the most serious person you've ever met. Zeras takes initiative over many situations and will not even think twice about standing up for his friends. Always filled with energy, Zeras is ready for anything. He always keeps a calm state of mind which has helped him get out of many situations and probably even more to come. Although he likes to fight, Zeras doesn't want to hurt anyone, but when the time comes his wrath is worse than an angered Vegeta. This causes many to stay out of his way and to try to be on his good side.

Thanx to J Man for writing my bio!