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                       Subject: Closing
                       Update: 12/31/03

~Wow, its been so long since an update. I'm sorry to say that this will be the final one. You see, I don't really like Mega Man as much as you'd think I do. I like anime alot more. The only reason I made a Mega Man site was because alot of the MM sites that I saw weren't as good as I thought they could be. So I said "Dang, I could make a site better than that," and so I made a site. When I started I knew almost nothing about what it takes to make a site, but I think I got pretty good. Anyway, most sites would completely close down their site and delete all the pages. I think that'd be a total waste of my work to put this thing together, so its staying where it is. That and I don't pay have to pay for it to be up. This site is pretty much dead, you could say, but don't think that I am! I'm currently working on an anime website that will include shows like Naruto, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha and more. I'll be under a new alias, one that still has a Z in it. As for the site name, SDL. So just look for a site like that later on. As for my current affs, I will email the ones that still have me up in their aff list. I wanna thank you guys for keepin me up there so long without an update. I also wanna thank MMF for actually e-mailing me when he closed his site. So anyway here's a list of the affs that kept me up: MM Sky Lagoon, MMNEG, ZXDomain, MM&FFS, SAL, MM Evolution, X Forever, and R&F. Thanx again guys for keepin me up so long. And with that I wanna say thanks to everyone who helped me out and everyone who visited. So long for now....~Zeras

                           Subject: 1 year Celebration!!!
                           Update: 7/18/03

~ YAY, 14th Unit SL is now 1 year old!!! We also reached my goal, to get 10,000 hits before this site reaches 1 year. and we did it. To celebrate I made a new layout. It's definately a step up from my previous one since I used photoshop. Props go out to Zenni AKA Crono from CW for volunteering to make a good banner when the original one was pretty screwy. On the nav bar is Dynamo, on the aff bar is Agile, and on the new vote bar is the much over looked Eddie! I'm sorry about the lack of updated but I don't have microsoft word or notepad and without those I can't really type up walkthroughs and bios. I'll get it soon though so no sweat. I also assure you that the comics will be back soon. We also have a new aff. Welcome MMXZ!