Alia Bio
   ~ Alia is the navigator for the Maverick Hunters. She has mastered all the programing languages, and is a wiz at technology. Besides being a genious, she is also a good friend of X and Zero. She always takes the precaution of scoping the territory in case of an unseen hazard and warns them right before they come to it. She started off as a researcher in Reploid engineering and quickly worked her way up the ladder. Now she's at the top and is now making the ladder longer and longer.
14th Unit Sky Lagoon

MM Sky Lagoon
Pharaoh's Temple
Mega Man Infinity
ZX Domain
MM&FF Site
MM Inc
Squid Adler's Lab
Supreme Gamer
Mega Man Flash
Chrono Warp
Mega Man Evolution
X Forever
Rockman & Forte
Mega Man XZ

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