This was kind of wierd. There was a yellow flashing beacon down here.
Mmmmmm.... Tetanus...
One of several large tunnels containing mucky water.
We had to get a picture of the water down here. I don't know what makes it look like this but it's pretty cool.
This was the tunnel we entered from. Its very obvious and impossible to miss on the outside. Theres a metal gate in front of it with a door thats always open.
Another water shot... does this remind anyone of sewage?
There was a large walled off tunnel with a little hole in the side. The hole is just big enough to fit through and theres a room on the other side.
Someone trying to wiggle their fat ass through the hole.
The only shot we got of the room back here. There was a lot of rotten wood and water and not much else.
Look Mom, no floor!
This runs off underneath town. Nothing too exciting here.
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