Getting into the bridge involves one mother of a squeeze. I could only fit after I exhaled all the air out of my lungs and had to have somebody pull me through. Talk about painful.
To get into the bridge you have to climb up the side of a cliff about ten feet. Then theres a door that goes outside underneath the bridge. Go through the door at the other end and you end up inside the bridge itself where you can walk across.
One side of the bridge has random conduit and a water pipe running through it.
The other side just has random conduit and communications.
Some sort of communications cage for pulling fiber across the bridge or something. Yeah, I know, the picture is broken. Blaim the one hour people. They hosed two pictures and lost the negatives.
This was taken right outside a door that opened into the jail. There was a box of St Paul hard hats so I had to try one on.
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