In Loving Memory
William (Bill) Powell

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In Timothy 4:7 Paul the Apostle speaks about his approaching death. He loved life, but knew there was more. 2 Timothy 4:6-7 For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;

The word Paul uses for departure here is used in nautical terminology to mean setting sail-the beginning of a journey, -not the end.

Bill, Papapoo, has set out on the most fantastic journey. His destination is where we hope to find ourselves, breathing free and easy in the courts of Heaven. Like Paul, Bill fought the good fight, and kept the faith; faith to his family, friends, online group, and fought hard for the things he held dear.

His Risen Savior welcomed him home just as Resurrection Day was ending, and Bill found himself where there is no end, no sickness, no trouble, and can run and jump, and shout loud and long, because he is totally healed, and is looking into the face of God Himself.

Submitted by: Rev. William Thielen


He taught me how courageous a person can be. Thank you for that, Bill.
(Ruby in Ma.)
At least he is breathing easy, after teaching all of us a lot of things. May he rest in peace forever.
Bill will definitely be missed. My prayers to your entire family.
God rest his soul. After four years on this wonderful group, I feel like part of the family has passed away, and that is how you feel after being here so many wonderful years. I have so many print outs from first paul and then Bill which I will always turn to for the wonderful advice they gave us. Thanks for the memories.
(Carole in ND)
Please pass my sincere sympathy along to Bills families--both personal and web--he was an inspiration to all of us, and by example he taught all of us a lot. I shall miss him.
(Frank NV)
I have only been in this group for a short while, but I immediately appreciated Bill and his help. He will be missed. I, too, feel as if I have lost a friend, but I am glad that he is out of his misery. My sympathy to all his family.
(Pat in NC)
Please extend to the family my heart felt sympathy for such a great loss of a great man who was always there to help others with his little angel fingers, to keep us in line with his ever so tender and caring way with words.
(Pat Ayotte>
Bill (Papapoo) will be remembered. Thank you for helping so many. Bless you Bill.
Please extend my condolences to Bill's family, and to you Nancy, as well. My first contacts with this group were thru Papapoo and SOB. He did us all a wonderful servicee for which I am most appreciative, daily. And now we have another Angel...he is at peace, we are at a loss. How can we continue what he began as smoothly as possible? I will be glad to be assitance where I can.
(barb in Oregan)
Please pass on my heart felt sympathy to all of Bill's family. He was an extremely loved man by all of us.
(Bettylou in TN)
Thank you for being there for all the help you gave, not only to me, but to others. I will miss you. Just knowing you were there, on COPD, was enough...I am glad that you are finally free and able to breathe. You are now another Angel...In of all your pain. May God bless you and keep you safe...and condolences to your family, may the burden of their loss be lightened by the knowledge that you do your best. Amen
(Shiela Shiel-Think of rainbows and smile)
Thank you, Bill, for your devotion and dedication to the cause of helping others with the sam disease you battled so bravely right up to the last minute of your life. You leave behind a very grateful group of us who admired you tremendously and appreciate all you did for us. Rest in peace friend. You will be missed.
(Sue Strotheide-TN)
Bill is one that I'll always remember as being such a big help to me in so many ways...wish I had known him better & for longer.
I loved Bill as a father as I have been without my father since I was Bill was a lot of things to me. I lost another very dear friend I loved like a brother and a mentor for this fandangled new gadget they call a PC, and betty Brown...all our beloved people so close in passing. They say it comes in three's so here are three of the precious people, Bill, Gill, and betty, we've lost in a short time. I look up and see all of our copd'ers sitting on clouds looking down upon us with such joy in their faces because they all can breathe nice clean air and are praying for us here on earth, for being here when we needed them to comfort us, and now know that they are with Him in Heaven they can do a lot more.
(Pat in TX)
I am so sorry to hear about Bill. I have been following the updates and have been praying for him. I am sure he is safe and happy on the other side, but it is still sad and hard to deal with for his wife and family and for us here in the COPD group.
(Gerry in NJ)
Now he is seeing what's next...Lord be praised. Bill is the definition of keeping the faith...
This is a sad day for me and a big loss for us all. Bill...Papapoo has made an impact on many lives. He will reap his reward in Heaven. My deepest sympathy to Bill's loved ones and to all who loved him.
(Carolyn in MI)
My prayers to the entire family
(Tim in VA)
My love to Bill's family at this time of loss. I love you Bill.
(Jo Mood)
I would like to tell the family and many friends of Bill's how sorry I am for their loss. Like they said about Dale Earnhart, when the Lord calls it makes no difference how good or what shape you are in, when He calls, you go. He was an inspitation to us all. Now he is in a better place.
(John in IN)
Please express my sympathy to all the loved ones of Bill. God be with them in their hour of sorrow.
You will be missed. My sympathy to Bill's family.
(Larry Benton)
Bill was first a friend we laughed and chatted and acted silly on ICQ and he became a dear dear friend. He is now at peace, however, I cannot envy that. Life without him will not be the same but to his family much love is extended for sharing him. Bill rest my friend you have earned it.
(Anne in Vermont)
You will be sadly missed Bill. You contributed a great deal of your time and efforts to the COPD Groups. We will all meet in Heaven someday and introduce ourselves. Until then may you rest in peace.
(Brenda in Maine)
Thanks, Bill, for your love, support and caring. The bells were ringing loudly this morning, welcoming you to His heavenly home.
(Iras Donahue)
I only knew Bill it seemed for only a passing second in life but he left an impression on me that will never leave. He was a leader and gentle man. We spoke only a few times but it was not difficult to see I was blessed with the wisdom of this man. The best way for me to remember Bill is that, we have lost a great man and God has gained a great leader. Bill is going to be a very powerful angel. My thoughts and prayers to Bill's family on your loss.
(keep on keepin' on Tony in Dallas)
You will be missed Bill. My sympathy to the family.
(Joyce Crist ~AZ)
He was an inspiration to me when I thought I was a goner. His wisdom and encouragement meant so much. I shall miss him.
(Suzi in IN)
All I could possibly add is "Amen" to the beautiful words and thoughts of Rev. William Thielen... I truly loved Bill Powell for all that he did for me and others like me...Bill will be missed but the thought of him being with Jesus in a beautiful new body take away the tears...I would like to thank his precious wife, children, and grandchildren for sharing him with us, and please remember that Jesus is carrying you all with his love at this time like "Footprints in the Sand"
(warm hugs with love, nibbi)
My thoughts are of Bill and his family. May he breathe easy now in this better place.
I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I was hoping he would return so I could thank him for his years of friendship, advise and patience. I guess I thought he would always be here and there would always be another day to do that. In my minds Eye I kind of pictured him as a cross between the Sesame Street Character's Elmo the loveable one and Oscar the Grouch. My two favorite's from years of watching it with my kids and grand kids. He would contact me at times and ask if it was ok to place something I had posted to the list on his web site. Other times his post to me would be to ask I be more aware of the content and usefulness of the information to the list. Over the years I would devise ways and means of posting using phrases with relevant content and just a tad bit of sarcastic humor just to see if he would catch it. I will so miss the sparing we did. I went thru his web site just now. Again Bill and I were in touch with each other for a brief time. The web is truly a remarkable media.We can still view his work and postings and recall the incidents and moments that made this list and everyone on it special to all of us. Hey Bill, Thanks for leaving us all something to make our life a bit easier and better. I will always enjoyed the Hose in the nose story's.
(Martin, so sad in so cal.)
Bill contributed to the quantity and quality of the lives of thousands, including the families of the members of and subscribers to the COPD list. He is mourned by those thousands in homes all over this country. Tears of grief and loss are being shed from the West coast to the East coast, from our northern border into Canada, and to our Southern border and into Mexico, as well as several other countries.
(Sincerely, Doris Justus aka Doris2)
Please forward my heartfelt sympathy to Bill's family. I am an old member of his web family,will miss him and will always remember him with love and gratitude.
My prayers and condolences go out to Bill's family.
I am very sadden to hear about Bills death . I have only been with the group for one year but Bill was there if i had a question or what ever it was not for only me but many ,many more. This group will miss him very much my symphany goes out to his loving family. May god bless us all
(Elmer in Texas)
I meet Bill way back on a chat list and he guided me to the COPD where I meet Paul , Olivija, Brenda and a few of the other old timer. We both had just gotten out of the hospital and we both were licking out wounds. Bill was always there for me to lean on and he made my "Life Style Change" easier by asking me to do my story on his web site and some art work for him. Bill, had the biggest heart and room for so many of us. He touched us all with his wit, wisdom, tenderness and love. I am sure that Bill, Paul and Brenda are walking hand in hand among the stars. So long for now, Bill.
(Jan in Tempe AZ The Arizona Lady)
Let us rejoice that Bill has untethered the "miseries" and left them behind. He has left for us a wide and shining path to follow; to offer encouragement, support, and information to others the same way he did. His influence on the List has been enormous, and we are all the beneficeries; for myself, only yesterday. Now we can continue his good work even as we grieve his loss.
(Mary Niles)
We extend our love and deepest sypmathy.
(Dan and Barbara Farrell)
Bill has been an inspiration to me and we often had private chats. He will be long remembered. May you breathe easy for all eternity Bill. I will miss you.
(Willie Prinsloo Fochville South Africa)
I would like to offer my condolences to Bill Powell's family and salute him for a job well done.He was a very nice man.
I would like to add my sympathies to everyone else's to Bill's family and all of us who have lost such a wonderful friend and mentor. The mark he has left in our hearts and on our lives is truly amazing. Bill has gone from us now physically but his example and wisdom will be with us and those to come, always. A special thank-you to Nancy who has stepped in and done a wonderful job while Bill has been in hospital, especially the saddening updates. What a wonderful group this is - it has changed my life.
(With love - Pauline in Oz)
Bill will be missed by so many people that he has helped in the past. May he rest in peace now with so many of his friends now. My sincere sympathy is with all of his family and friends. God Bless you Bill.
Saddened to hear of Bill's passing. He will be missed by for his example to keep on going. Love and prayers to Bobbi and family that God would bless and give them the strength they need in the days ahead. Keep looking up!
(Rosemary in In)
Bill's kindness and wisdom will be sorely missed by many of us. I only knew him briefly but his care knew no bounds. My deepest sympathy to his family and may he bow breathe easy.
(Dianne in Australia)
Blessings on your Journey, Bill. Your innovative stewardship fostered the development of the COPD List into a diverse and helpful Family of Services.I will always remember your unfailing courtesy, patience, and fairness. Goodbye Papapoo.
(Joanne in MN)
"Although I did not know Bill, through everyone I have met, I feel that he was indeed a good friend. May the Lord bless and take care of his family now and always. We all will be better now knowing that Bill is also watching over us. God bless him.
(Cynthia (Cyn) in FL)
Please convey my deepest sympathies to Bill's family on their loss. He was a wonderful, unselfish, and caring person and will be sadly missed.
(Tom Whitman)
Bill's softness of approach and still making the other person feel like they have gained something or been helped over a rough spot is very much remembered. I will miss his posts and I can say the Lord has terminated his suffering. I know Bill will still look after us all.
David Buzzell
Our Father has reached out His hand to Bill just as Bill reached out to others. His memory will live on, his work will continue but he will be sorely missed by so many.
Please convey my sympathy to his family. He was quite a guy and helped me so much. At last he is breathing well and at peace.
(Sandy in FL)
It is with great sadness that I read of Bill's passing. Like everyone else who has already posted, just want to extend my deepest sympathies to his family and friends. We have our own special memories which can bring us comfort but when a loved one passes on, life is never the same. I know everyone is grateful for the opportunity to have met Bill through this wonderful group. I hope his family will find some peace in the realization that Bill had such an impact on so many lives.
(Gail Waits)
Please pass on my condolences to Bill's family, I am very sad to read of his passing he took over the list from Paul Marks and did him proud. The copd support family of lists have continued to grow under his leadership, he will be greatly missed. Bill give my best to Paul you have both left a legacy to be proud of.
(Peter R. B.C. Canada.)
My deepest sympathy to Bill Powell's family, and also to all the COPDers who loved him too. There are a great many people whose lives he has improved immensely. I want to thank his wife and family for all the time and expertise Bill put in on this web site.
(Aleta Smith)
I wouldn't have survived this long had it not been for this list and his urging to take control of my own disease. Along with Paul and Brenda He made to see I could contribute to my own well being. The loss is great, but I am so glad that he does not have to go through the miseries any more.
(Giles In Vancouver)
Fair winds and following seas to you Bill, thanks for your kindness and care.
(Jim West, WA)
My deepest heartfelt sympathy to Bill's family at this time of loss. Bill and I had a relationship that I will hold very near and dear to my heart. There is one comment from Bill that I will never forget. We were in IM at the time discussing one of my many departures from the list. I told Bill he had my permission to spank if I ever got out of line and he came to me with this, "Oh, my dear young lady, you miss the point, I don't need permission!" I will miss you Bill, meet you in Heaven. All my love.
(Zany-Jan MacDonald)

Hold fast to your memories
to all of the cherished
moments of the past,
to the blessings and the laughter,
the joys and the celebrations,
the sorrow and the tears.
They all add up to a treasure
of fond yesterdays
that you shared and spent together,
and they keep the one you loved
close to you in spirit and thought.
The special moments
and memories in your life
will never change.
They will always be in your heart,
today and forever more.

(Linda E. Knight)


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