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Welcome to "Your Spankings", this is an adult orientated site dedicated to all those who are interested in the art of spanking, whether you have an active role in spankings or are just curious.....

Content on this site has been ripped from sites found on the web and Newsgroups, and selected "Featured Sites" with permission of the owners.

This site is under construction, and will be updated as and when I have time. If anyone has anything they'd like to contribute to this site, or find content that is not attributed to the originator(s) please let me know.....

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Feb 10th
Chat Show Spanking - M/f Video
Feb 10th
Classroom Spanking - F/ffff Video
Feb 12th
Welcome to Actually Spanking Featured Sites
Feb 12th
Web/Chat Room Links Links Page
Feb 14th Video Previews Video
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