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Fairchild Television
If I remember correctly, they used to be Ch.25, then 32, then 44, then 54, and now 66.


Vancouver Television

Entertainment Tonight
This is where you can learn about the latest news on celebrities.

The Learning Channel (TLC)
I like watching "How'd they do that?"; they tell you a lot about how the scientific and technological stuff works. (without all the jargon)

Discovery Channel
Similar to TLC. Actually, it's owned by the same company.

These are the radio stations I normally tune into...

104.9 StarFM
This station used to do some easy-listening (eg: Songs of the Heart) even after QMFM changed its program and has more instrumentals played at night. However, they have changed into some sort of alternative rock station or something.

Kafe 104.3 FM
This station is based in Bellingham just south of the border and they play soft rock and pop. Pretty much like what 103.5 does and 104.9 used to do.

QMFM 103.5
I used to listen to this all the time, especially during "NiteLite" from 9 to 12 at night when they played really relaxing instrumentals. But they gradually mixed in songs (instead of just plain music all the way) as well as changing the music from easy-listening to more rock and pop - and that destroys the relaxing mood.

Z95.3 FM
The one that young people listen to the most. But what I don't like is all the talk about sex and relationships. Just like the "sex ed" we took in high school, this stuff ain't helping its audience.

97 Kiss FM
I didn't listen to this station in the past because I didn't like the name. But I find their music mix to be very suitable for my listening pleasure. One particularly interesting program is "Lovers and Other Strangers" which I think airs every evening.

CHMB 1320
A "multicultural" radio station that airs Chinese programs the majority of the time.

Fairchild Radio-AM1470 (or FM96.1)
These are chinese stations owned by Fairchild Radio. Hanson Lau is a well- known figure in the Chinese community in the Greater Vancouver Area who used to do shows on 1470 until he bought 1320. A couple years ago, a problem in the partnership of 1320 between Mr. Lau and Fairchild forced him to quit the whole thing altogether. That sucked; that was like 20+ years of Mr. Lau's sweat & blood down the drain because of some large corporation.

CKWX News 1130
"CKWX, News eleven thirty"....You hear that phrase way too often...

[somehow I think Nick Carter and Britney Spears are a better match]


Much Music (tv)

MuchMore Music (tv)
I watch "Pop-up video", VideoFlow, Countdown, and of course the Awards shows.

Artists that I enjoyed listening to include: Kenny G, Barbara Streisand, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, ABBA, and Frank Mills. And then there are of course hit singles and soundtracks from various other artists like Elton John, George Michael, Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Chicago, Richard Marx, Wilson Philips, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Neil Diamond , etc... There are some hits produced by Robert Miles that I like as well. And of course, who can forget the Village People!

Hey, check out my beloved list of MP3's!

["jl (Big Day)" -- Kelly Chan zY]
      Check out my Music Files Page...
Particularly my Canon Collection...
My List of Ram Files... [used to be on Angelfire, but for some reason cut me off]
And my List of Midi Files!

Laputa - Castle in the Sky

**Lyrics to many of the songs that I have enjoyed listening to in the past...

lyrics.html lyrics2.html lyrics3.html lyrics4.html lyrics5.html






Cambridge, Creative Labs


Lucasfilm THX


Energy Speakers

Bang & Olufsen

Polk Audio

Mission | Cyrus

FOREVER YOUNG - Alphaville (1984)
let's dance in style, lets dance for a while 
heaven can wait we're only watching the skies 
hoping for the best but expecting the worst 
are you going to drop the bomb or not?

let us die young or let us live forever 
we don't have the power but we never say never 
sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip 
the music's for the sad men

can you imagine when this race is won 
turn our golden faces into the sun 
praising our leaders we're getting in tune 
the music's played by the madmen

  forever young, i want to be forever young 
  do you really want to live forever, forever and ever

some are like water, some are like the heat 
some are a melody and some are the beat 
sooner or later they all will be gone 
why don't they stay young

it's so hard to get old without a cause 
i don't want to perish like a fading horse 
youth is like diamonds in the sun 
and dimonds are forever

so many adventures couldn't happen today 
so many songs we forgot to play 
so many dreams are swinging out of the blue 
we let them come true


Hong Kong Cinema


Hong Kong Movieworld

Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine

Internet Movie Database

HK Internet Directory of the Stars


Vancouver Playhouse

Andrew Lloyd Webber
(Funny url for such a great artist.)


Box Office

Ticket Master
You can buy your tickets to the big games and shows here.

Other Links
  • Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)
    This one guy somehow managed to fall straight down from under his seat when he was entirely upside-down on the Ring-of-Fire in [August?] 1998. His head cracked open and he unfortunately passed away. That ride no longer exists at PNE and is replaced by the "Foot-Loose" (which is also an upside-down ride).
    The PNE knocked down the Food Building (indoor food court), the Show Mart building, the BC Building (which houses the biggest map of BC in the [world?], and the Dogwood Pavillion (more cultural and art displays). All this probably resulted in less income. A smart or dumb choice? Well, they knocked down the last two mentioned buildings in order to build a small park with a lake in the middle of it. Talks and contract renewals keep springing up and they kept on saying "this will be the final year of the PNE" since 1996. Now the fair still has a couple years left before the whole place becomes "Hastings Park". In the meantime they have already made the lake and other concrete structures and floors. I guess it hasn't officially opened yet; hardly anybody goes there. You know what, I think if the government was going to waste taxpayers money on building a cheap dope resort in Chinatown (talk about discrimination!) for the addicts who hang around Hastings & Main I say we move the shelter along with the intended occupants to that park!
  • Canadian National Exhibition
    It's in Toronto, but I haven't found a link to it yet.
  • Disney!
    Disney was rad. It probably accelerates every child's dreams and imaginations. But I haven't been there for more than ten years. A couple years ago, there started a boycott of Disney by Catholics because of the indecent content found in a number of movies produced by Disney (eg: Dogma).
  • HK Disneyland It is expected to be opened in 2005
  • Expo2000
    Vancouver had an Expo too in 1986. Expo was the best (not comparing with Disney of course); I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got all-season passes, so I went there at least a few times a week. I believe the Corkscrew that is now found in PNE was used back then. BC Pavillion/Plaza of Nations is still around as is also Canada Place with its OmniMax. A lot of real estate development has occurred on the old Expo grounds. A rich guy from HK by the name of "Lee Ka Shing" bought a lot of the land around False Creek (where Science World is) and built many high-rise apartments on it. GM Place (where the NBA Grizzlies play) was also built nearby (beside BC Stadium) along with two artificial grass fields and a small park. The Molson Indy races take place nearby as well.
  • Science World!
    A neat place; lots of fun things to experiment around with. It used to be the Expo Centre in 1986. The IMAX theatre that was there in Expo is still there.
  • PlayStation
    Probably the most popular; after all, it does support pirated cd's unlike its competitors. On the other hand, it's not worth as much.
  • Nintendo 64
  • Sega DreamCast
  • Monopoly!
  • Electronic Arts
    The Canadian division is headquartered in Burnaby (British Columbia) and boasts the largest virtual games park in North America.
  • Gamehopper
    My friend's site

EA Canada

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