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More Test Results from Emode!
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  1. Are you a Natural Leader?
  2. Do you have a Balanced Lifestyle?
  3. IQ Test
  1. The Dot-Com Test
  2. What's your Perfect Workout?
  3. What's your Eating Style?
  1. The Body Image Test
  2. The Career Makeover
  3. How Superstitious are you?

These are from tests that are more discrete than the personality ones.

1) Are you a Natural Leader?:
Total (6.5/10)
Congratulations, you're a real leader! Your leadership skills are quite strong, so don't be afraid to step up to the plate when problems need solving - you'll do great. You've got a solid combination of positive leadership traits - from organizational skills to communication ability. These talents make you a great resource in the workplace, someone people can look to for guidance and direction. Still, there are a few things you might need to work on. To brush up on the different components of leadership, check out your scores below:

Organization (7/10)
Order! Order! Your strong organizational skills make you an excellent candidate for success as a leader. Your talent for keeping everything in the right place means that you can concentrate on more important tasks. And once you've organized your workplace, your overall productivity increases by leaps and bounds.

Efficiency (6/10)
Stop spinning your wheels and get in gear! Your efficiency could use a little help. Take some time to really analyze the work process, and learn how to get things done. Basically, you need to work on spending your time wisely - just talking about something doesn't always make it happen. You've got to persevere and focus your effort in the right places. Being more efficient is a tried-and-true way to move forward at work.

Teamwork (7.5/10)
Go, team, go! Your sense of teamwork is so strong you're practically out on the field doing cheers. Which is great - the ability to communicate and work closely with others is essential to good leadership. Team-building skills are the foundation of all interactions with your co-workers and can set the tone at work. So give yourself a pat on the back - your talent in this area gives you a real leadership edge.

Confidence (6/10)
You could use a confidence boost! To move forward at work, it's essential that you be able to take on new roles and responsibilities. When you feel sure of yourself, you can concentrate on the task at hand instead of just worrying about potential failures. Keep all your strengths in mind, and use them to your advantage.

2) Do you have a Balanced Lifestyle?
You're doing better than most when it comes to living a balanced life, but there's always room for improvement. Try paying closer attention to how you feel each day, both physically and emotionally. Tune into what foods and beverages make you feel your best - and which leave you agitated or drained. Experiment with the amount of sleep you get to find the exact number of hours your body needs every night. Examine your situation at work and see if there are any changes you can implement to make your job more manageable. And keep in mind that knowing what you need to stay happy and healthy is only part of the game - you have to incorporate these things into your lifestyle every day in order to benefit. Here are a few general tips and reminders:

As you probably already know, eating a varied, nutritious diet, working out regularly, and sleeping enough all boost your immune system to ward off illness, improve your mood, and make you more resilient to stress. Here's a big pat on the back for making the effort to take care of yourself!

Connecting with other people while making it a priority to spend some time alone may just be the secret to true social harmony. As studies have shown, friends and family can be a great help in times of crisis (and almost every other time, too). So just keep in mind that meeting friends for dinner during the week or setting aside time to visit with family can really recharge your batteries and make you feel balanced - especially when they're offset with regular periods of solitude.

It's all about keeping your job in perspective. Evenings, weekends, and vacations are important to you, and you do your best to take full advantage of your personal time. After all, enjoying quality time off actually contributes to productivity when you're back at your desk. When you're relaxed and rested, you can be more creative and efficient. Your friends and family also get to reap the benefits of your successful work/home life. When you're not consumed and overwhelmed by work, you're free to be fully present in the moment. And isn't that what life is all about?

3) IQ Test
Your IQ score is 124

Incredible! What does that mean? Well, the IQ test measures several different areas of thinking, including math skills, logical reasoning, understanding analogies, and object relations. Your verbal, emotional, and social skills aren't taken into account in the score.

If your score didn't come out as high as you'd hoped, keep in mind that there are lots of factors that can affect your performance. Your level of fatigue or your formal education and familiarity with this sort of test can influence your score. And remember that IQ is not a definitive measure of your intelligence. Your score would probably be quite different if we could factor in your verbal, emotional, and social skills. And perhaps more importantly, it's well-known that academic and professional achievement aren't determined solely - or even primarily - by intelligence or any other measurable ability. Many of the qualities that bring success can be attributed to differences in culture and schooling rather than to test results.

That said, how do you compare? Well, a score below 70 means that you fall well below the average for most people (Hi,Forrest!). A score between 85 and 99 means that you're somewhat below the average, and a score from 100 to 115 means that your intelligence is rated above the population average. Scores between 115 to 130 mean that your intelligence is well above average. And if you get higher than a 130, you're a total genius (try not to let it go to your head).

4) The Dot-Com Test
Looks like you might've caught that internet bug! The dot-com world is like no other - fun, fast-paced, with lots of risk. Your answers reveal a genuine interest to jump on board, but there are a few aspects of the web-world that are holding you back. All in all, you appear undaunted by the crazy hours, hectic schedules, and uncertain future that inevitably come with a dot-com. Moreover, job security and stability don't seem to phase you too much. Despite any hesitations, you probably find that there's something cool and exciting about working under high stakes employment - it brings out the competitor in you. In a dot-com, the risk is high, but the potential payoff is great. To succeed in this environment, you've got to be a real team-player. You need to be someone who understands that working in a dot-com means giving up a lot of your personal time and space. Based on your answers, you're clearly leaning toward making that leap. The creative aspects of your job, the enthusiastic environment, and the professional autonomy you gain often compensate for any sacrifice. You seem to have that edge that is critical to make it in this web-based world. Now you've just got to put it to work!
(this is a little less accurate; in reality I rather be sitting in a fixed location working by a healthy schedule; some travelling is fine but this analysis sounds like my stress level might go up the roof!)

5) What's your Perfect Workout?
Flying down the road on two wheels, wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth - that's your idea of an enjoyable workout! (Well, you might want to skip that last part...) Ever since you got your first shiny Schwinn, you've known the magical pull of riding a bike.

Now that you're an adult, you probably opt for your car over a bike for getting around town. But when you're in need of a stress-busting, heart-pounding adventure that doubles as high-quality exercise, you know what to do. You enjoy exploring the outdoors, whizzing farther than you could go on foot and getting a closer look at the scenery than you could from a car window. And if the weather's against you, you're willing to roll on an indoor exercise bike to get your heart rate up and your legs (and lungs) pumping.

When you're out riding the roads, be sure to carry a spare tire (in a bike bag - not around your waist!), wear a helmet, and obey all street laws. And no matter where you ride, drink plenty of water and cool down when you're through. Get rolling at least three times a week, and your body and mind will thank you for it!
(actually some wushu or gymnastics also make for a perfect workout)

6) What's Your Eating Style?
You're The Careful Eater. Maybe you have food sensitivities or allergies; perhaps you simply prefer to avoid certain things, like meat or sugar. Regardless, you're definitely well-versed in reading food labels and talking to waiters - you're a truly informed eater.
(I love to eat but cooking is more boring than politics. And yes I do believe in a balanced diet)
Getting the details before diving in can be good for your health. But being overly picky about what you eat can also backfire. Being too choosy may ultimately limit your choices - and a lack of dietary variety may cause you to lose out nutritionally. Holding your diet up to constant scrutiny can also take the natural enjoyment out of eating and can contribute to stress and eating disorders.
(not a picky eater at all.. I eat anything not too extreme in taste.. nonetheless I am conscious about nutrition)

But that doesn't mean you have to give up your careful monitoring completely. Just try loosening the reins a bit to include new or unusual dishes. Indulge in a bit of dessert; let yourself get carried away by sumptuous soup without worrying if the stock is chicken or chickpea. Do as the Romans do, and mangia!

7) The Body Image Test
I was half-way through the test when I realized it was more for females. I got 7/10 on the "more positive" side. Being 5'9.5" but only about 145 lbs, I'm not very muscular. But I do have a pretty sturdy frame with broad shoulders and I've been told that I got a pretty good figure for building an attractive body without too much meat. I hardly ever do sit-ups but for some reason you can still see a slight 6-pack. What I should do is build some more muscle on the shoulders and upperback.. and for two reasons: 1) I have a long neck, and 2) my entire back is almost completely straight - no curve. But overall, I'm not at all freaked out about my figure.

8) The Career Makeover
[Y]ou're a Foreman

You're the practical, down-to-earth type. Your hands-on skills mean that you're definitely the guy to have around when there's work to be done. You have a deep understanding for the mechanical complexity behind how things work-architecure, machines, and even people. You can fix or build anything with whatever tools are on hand. As a competent, dependable man who believes in practical skills, people can count on you to meet their needs. You're also a real team player, so you know how to rally your team to exceed quality expectations. You've got a warm, personable nature and treat people for who they are, not like robots to be wound up and turned loose. Thanks to folks like you, the world can sit back and relax while you take the wheel.

Who's like you:
Jacques Cousteau
(Is that guy the famous oceanographer?... um.. no probably not)

Likely careers:
Surgeon, contractor, baker, lumberjack, police officer, firefighter, athlete, pilot
(I hope an MIS administrator counts!)

How you rate:
Motivation: 7 Conflict style: 4 Leadership style: 4
(what are these numbers out of?)

9) How Superstitious Are You? (1/10 - "less superstitious" side)
You waste no energy on superstition. You won't even entertain the thought that crossing your fingers can really change your luck, or the number 13 contains some kind of curse. Congratulations, you have complete control over your own destiny.

No little kitten or cracked mirror is going to throw you off! You probably chuckle at those people who wear the same old ratty shirt for luck or walk funny just to avoid those cracks in the sidewalk. Superstitions don't seem to play a significant role in your life. You don't think a four-leaf clover or an open umbrella can control your fate? Well, good for you! Superstitions, when kept in perspective, can be a lighthearted way to play with the concept of luck. But, when taken seriously - they can be consuming and get way out of hand. Superstitions are irrational beliefs that are created to make sense of coincidences or the unknown. When someone is confused or lacks knowledge on a subject, she may turn to superstition for guidance and luck. (I have no idea what cracks on the sidewalk means, but for some reason I don't like to step on them...)

Research claims that females tend to be more superstitious than males, and the topics they are concerned with differ as well. Women's superstitions generally relate to issues of relationships and home life, while men tend to be more concerned with business and sports. However, even the merest coincidence can set people off onto a new superstition. So, pat yourself on the back and continue to pick up those pennies, even if they've landed on tails! Spend your energy on those things over which you DO have control. (I used to pick up pennies 'cuz it is money, but I don't bother anymore)

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