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Online Books!

  • Introduction to Electronics [quizzes]

  • Management Information Systems

    ==>Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    ==>DM Review
    ==>Enterprise Resource Planning Research Center (ERP)
    ==>ERP World
    ==>American Medical Informatics Association


    IT Associations (link list)

    - Canadian Information Processing Society

    - Society for Information Management

    - Association for Information Management

    - Association for Information Systems

    - Ass'n of Info. Tech. Professionals

    - IT Policy (US)

    - Information Technology Laboratory

    - The Computer Society (IEEE)

    - Ass'n of C & C++ Users

    - USENIX - Advanced Computing Systems Ass'n

    - Information Technology Ass'n of Canada

    ==> Visual Basic Jobs
    ==> C++ Jobs
    ==> MSDN for students
    ==> Microsoft IT training
    ==> Microsoft Certification
    ==> Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)
    ==> Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals

    Computer Science Links


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