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Here are ratings according to Hong Kong standards! Now possesses you to have to do is:

1. Decided any your stand rating was (I writes any each to represent helps you to decide)

2. Uses the mouse right key to single-click with the preserved picture

3. Put on your website whenever yuo like.

4. (Wilfully but appreciates) Connects the icon to return to my stand (http://webspace.webring.com/people/vy/yoshin_mitora/rating.html)


This stand contains mild to hardly offensive materials. . The material could only angry parents that are so soft and tense . ^^;

North American ratings= G to PG

European ratings = U to PG


This stand contains slightly offensive material. Temperately high risk of mild nasty language, part nudity/sex situations, violence and adult themes.

North American ratings= PG to PG-13

European ratings = PG to 15


For mature audience. Contains violence, frontal nudity, high risk of sex sitations, strong bad language, with strong adult situation . The viewer should be at least 15 or have parents help them out with such questionable themes.

North American ratings= PG-13 to R

European ratings = 15 to 18


Definetly not for minors. Contains the graphic violence, the explicit mature theme, graphic sex, and stronger adult situation. In other words, not for the little ones.

North American ratings= R to NC-17

European ratings = 18 to XXX

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