?This contract is to be used for depsoits only. Hit File and Print to print this contract.
Mail this contract and Deposit to:
                   Joyce Hilton
               165 Blue King Drive
                     Cross SC 29436
Please make out money orders to Joyce Hilton
Please do NOT make then out to Magnolia Kennels.
                                                   Magnolia Kennels
                                                    Deposit Contract
I am sending a $100.00  deposit for you to hold the ______________________(color)

My information:

Phone Number:______________________________________

I understand i will be notified by phone and email when my puppy is ready.
I also understand I have 1 week from your notice to then make arrangements to pick
up my puppy.
I am aware that if i decide at any time after deposit is taken to not purchase this puppy
my deposit will not be returned and the puppy will be put up for sale.

I understand that the puppy is to be taken to a vet for examination at least 2 days after it is picked up from the breeder.

You must sign this contract agreeing to the terms which I have set forth in this contract in order for me to hold a pup for you.

Your signature:________________________________________________________

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