The Middle Room Locally-Made Gifts & Decor is currently talking to artisans & crafters looking to sell their creations without the overhead of renting & staffing their own storefront. As the name suggests, the gallery is in the middle room of our location, nestled between the Fuller Brush Chick and J & J Paint & Supply. Our charter artisans & crafters include a candlemaker & 3 jewelry artisans (one each for earrings, bracelets, & necklaces).

It does not matter if your items are for personal profit or fundraising, we're still interested in including your creations. Be it candles, jewelry, accessories, soaps, decor, quilts, crochet, any type of wood & glass designs, a form of artwork, or something that doesn't fit any of these categories - we are interested in your work. Don't worry if you only have a few items, no quantity requirements.

Contact us at (until we establish our own email address) or call 717-273-3855

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