I joined Avon as an Independent Sales Representative in July, 1999 when my daughter was 1. It wasn't something I had planned but next thing I knew I was signing the contract. In 2002, I earned the title of Beauty Advisor, completing the course to advance to Certified Beauty Advisor in 2005. Avon is in the DNA, I suppose, as my grandmother started as a Rep in the 1950s & advanced as far as District Manager before retiring in the 1970s. On my website you can find a photo of her from a 1958 Good Housekeeping ad.

When I opened the Fuller Brush Chick retail location in 2007, it was natural that I'd bring some Avon as well. Avon has strict rules about having stores, so I'm careful to stress that there is no Avon store on premesis, but my business is based in the consignment office in the middle room. I have stock along one wall under the title "The Avon Wall at the Fuller Brush Chick". There you will find primarily discontinued items from all product lines but I do keep a stock of popular items, including Glimmersticks Eye Liners, & basic toiletries, such as deodorants, for quick pick up. Discontinued items also tend to be discounted whereas current items run under brochure REGULAR price but usually just above typical brochure SALE pricing, to help defer shipping costs that are generally passed on from Rep to customer anyhow.

As with most reps, I do have immediate openings for new customers if you find yourself in need of a Representative. Books can be left at your home every two weeks or you can stop in as you need to order products. You can view brochures anytime through my website.

Oh, yeah! About the name. That came up by accident some years back when a customer was watching for me to leave her latest book but I managed somehow to slip it onto her doorknob undetected. Later she asked if I was some sort of "doorknob fairy," along the lines of the tooth fairy, whereas I do my work but no one ever sees me. Considering Avon frowns upon the use of their trademarked name in our business or email, I saw the opportunity to use something unique that did not infringe upon their rules.

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