Welcome to the launching pad for the shopping options at 306 Cumberland Street. Here you can learn about the businesses located in our building. Each business has their own individual website that is also linked from their page. Shopping at local businesses over "big boxes" & chain stores keeps more money in the local economy. No matter what they claim, big box & national chain stores are not part of the local economy. They still send much of their profit to a home office in another state. Our money, beyond what we spend to stock our shelves, stays here in Lebanon, where we live & work, just as you live & work. Help us help Lebanon prosper!

No matter what business you are planning to visit, please know that we have TWO entrances, for your convenience.

  • Our front door is along Cumberland Street, a few yards west of the blocked-off door to Family Dollar. Just enter through the door on the right hand side at the top of the steps. If you are driving, have a quarter ready for the meter! The police patrol regularly for expired meters. Entering this way will put you first at J & J Paint & Supply, LLC.
  • Save the meter feeding & park in the back lot. We share it with Family Dollar. Just come through the entrance and straight across to the line of spaces running perpendicular to the rest of the lot. Our handicap-accessible RAMP comes down the left side of the building. Just walk towards the "OPEN" flag & through the gate! Entering this way will put you first at the Fuller Brush Chick.
Did you receive an information packet at your door? Thank you for taking the time to visit us & we hope you will take a few moments to peruse the links below & get to know us better. We like to joke that we are a food court short of being a mini-mall, what with the variety of goods we offer in our three rooms. Take a tour here or stop in & chat with us!

The Middle Room - Fuller Brush Chick - J & J Paint & Supply, LLC
DoorKnob Fairy (AVON)
Informational Packets