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Recently Published Stories  


The Gorilla's Angel
Meanjin, Carlton VIC
Winter "On Faith" Issue 2006  

New England Review  

The Well-Mannered Thief
New England Review, Armidale NSW
Issue #22  


The Bruce Rabbit's One Eye
Tamba, Shepparton VIC
Issue #37  


The Account of the Plank-Riveter's Lunch
Woorilla, Avonsleigh VIC
Volume 15, No. 2  


Errol Scott

Errol Scott is an author of fiction published in literary magazines around the world, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, Japan and the United Kingdom, including Meanjin and New England Review.


New Stories from Errol


The Silk Road Marine Shop

'The Silk Road Marine Shop' is Scott’s most ambitious work to date.


Wilbert and his unrepentant angel manage a marine chandlery in an oasis town at the edge of the desert of final death.


Surviving on income from selling boat supplies adapted to suit passing mountain bike riders, he fends off a bookkeeper who is determined to convert his business to a camel wellness spa. Wilbert plots the final 'big sale' that will fund the purchase of his dream yacht.   


Davey the Birder

'Davey the Birder' follows the daring escape of two best friends from a ship-building village to university to fulfill their 'Pact'.


Davey battles retroactive bird-crime guilt: 'Davey had become famous for Medieval Lit chicken ballads and pro-fowl eulogies to every bird he’d ever crushed, all delivered impromptu in the cafeteria lines'.


He struggles to retain his scholarship, while dodging Goliath and sharing a home with his childhood friend and a new roommate, the Scrambled Egg King.



Jonah and the Piazza Navona

Jonah, a dead-end insurance call center staffer, attempts to evade his self-appointed fiancee, Lilly Minke, and regain a boat of his own.


'Sometimes to get where you’re going, Jonah, you’ve got to make all the wrong choices,'  says Norman, Jonah’s perpetual chess buddy and town prophet. 


'Having a boat is your destiny.'


Jonah battles Lilly and relentless floods to return to his life on a fishing boat.





Errol Scott has travelled extensively on 6 continents. His work is influenced by such diverse writers as Jules Verne, P.G. Wodehouse, Arthur Conan Doyle, Douglas Adams, Douglas Smith and Patrick McGrath.


Errol’s upcoming novel is expected in 2007.



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