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Welcome to l e m o n a d e, a yuuri story awards site. Each story that is found in our archives has been recognized for being a well-written yuuri.
Before proceeding, you should know that yuuri (sometimes spelled yuri) is the Japanese term for "girl's love" -- a relationship between two women. Most of the stories in the archives contain material that is rated NC-17 for sexuality. If this is not your thing, I am asking you to please find another site to browse.
However, if you are looking for a place to read good yuuri (or looking for a chance to win your story an award), continue and enjoy.

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If you would like your site to be added to the links section, you can e-mail the url to us with the following information:
site name,
site url,
content rating,
brief description

Please keep in mind that your site must have some affiliation with yuuri/shoujo-ai.

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Added new site to links, Yuriville.net. I am also in the process of registering a domain, so expect l e m o n a d e to be making a move sometime soon.

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Finally - the relaunch of l e m o n a d e! I am so excited about this site, it's very hard not to gush! I'm planning on taking this site to the stars, above and beyond any expectations anyone might have for it. I won't give away everything, but along with the relaunch of the site comes a contest, l e m o n a d e's very first. I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to enter. Please see the community for details and rules.

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Most Erotic Piece (27 March - 27 April)

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