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Welcome to Fabulous Funghi, a web site to introduce you to the wonders of edible funghi.

Funghi have been cultivated by man for centuries. The mushroom most people recognise is the type commonly on sale in the supermarket, the Agaricus bisporus, and while tasty and versatile, is not a patch on the intensity of flavour from the most commonly sought after wild mushroom, the Boletus Edulis (often referred to as the Cep, Penny Bun or Porcini mushroom).

basket of mixed mushrooms

There is a thrill in waking up early on a cold autumn morning, picnic packed, with the keen anticipation of finding these and other funghi, on a day long foray in the forest. In Poland where my parents come from it is a national pastime, an obsession passed from generation to generation. With this comes the knowledge of which varieties to pick, which are poisonous or inedible, and how best to cook and preserve them.

For those who have little or no knowledge of picking edible funghi, I would advise that your forays be restricted to those which are supervised by more experienced friends. Funghi can be difficult to identify, particularly when immature, and even with a photographic field guide, can be mistaken for others. That said, of the 5000 varieties that grow wild in Europe, only about a quarter are thought to be edible and of these, there is a fairly good consensus of which few make up everyone's top ten in terms of quality, safety and availability.

This site restricts the selection to my top 4 and gives just an inkling of the sumptuous delights of the fabulous funghi world.

Les Wojnarowicz

The web site author is not responsible for any decision made by anyone on the basis of the site's Web pages. Although every effort has been made to provide accurate information regarding edibility and toxicity of mushrooms, the author does not accept any responsibility for such information.
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