Counted Thread
 GSA Needlework Badge
My first needlework "award"...
My Girl Scout Needlework Badge.
In earning it, I began down a path that has lead me here today.

Acorn Needlebook - 2001 Acorn Needlebook - 2001

I designed this piece for a 3x3 pattern exchange for the Yahoo Crewel Embroidery Club. The club's name is decieving - they don't just focus on crewel work, it's focus is anything that isn't cross stitch.

spacer Scented Scissor Fob - 1996

An orignial design worked up as a teaching piece.
Filled with dried lavender.

My Favorite Stitches My Favorite Stitches - 1993

This piece was stitched in response to an invitation put out in the September 1992 issue of Needle Arts, called "Your Favorite Stitches". I stitched this on 40 count linen with Olive Waterlilies using bands of double running patterns. The piece now hangs at EGA National Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky and was featured, with others from the challenge, in the March 2000 issue of Needle Arts.

spacer Christmas Ornament - 2000

An adaptation of a Linda Driskell design.
I worked one of the for each of the children's teachers at Christmas.
Ornament - 2000

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