Traditional Samplers
Many of these are my orginal designs based on traditional motifs and were
marketed under the company name of Dancing Needle Designs

A Sampler Lover's Name Tag - 1991 A Sampler Lover's Name Tag - 1991
When I designed this, it wasn't color coded at all! My thought was to let the stitcher pick their own colors and truly make the design reflect their personality. Lydia Reed at Wyndham Needleworks convinced me that this would totally freak out more than a few stitchers!! LOL!. Needless to say I took her advice. This was one of my best selling designs and one of the first commercially published counted thread name tag designs. It was such a novel concept at the time that a needlework shop owner in Littleton, Colorado dispraisingly said to me... "Who would ever want a chart for a name tag?".

Fruit of the Oak - 1992
Okay, so I sort of went nuts with this design. I hand dyed the fabric (and the floss used in the drawn work portion) with acorns and covered the sampler with acorn motifs! Just in case anyone else was squirrelly enough to want to do the same, I included the acorn dye recipe with the chart. One of my favorites.
Fruit of the Oak - 1992

Friendship Sampler Friendship Sampler - 1992
The verse on this sweet little sampler is "Friends create the world anew each day," and is a quote from Helen Keller.

Elizabeth's Sampler - 1994
This little motif sampler was inspired by English samplers. It is stitched on Strathaven linen and has a cultured pearl applied in the center of the floral motif.
Elizabeth's Sampler - 1994

The Strawberry Basked Sampler The Strawberry Basket Sampler - 1994
This little cushion sampler was inspired by Philidelphia presentation samplers. Many of those samplers featured baskets of stacked fruit. The basket of this sampler is a little pocket which holds a queen stitch strawberry emery. (This one is pinned to the outside of the pocket - so it shows up in the photograph.)

For My Friend - 1995
A sampler pincushion stitched over one thread.
For my Friend

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