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Beading Sites

One Stop Resource
Beadwork at About.Com
An absolutely wonderful site!
Gotta question? Chances are your beadwork guide has the answer!

Designers and Shops
Beyond Beadery
My FAVORITE bead shop is on the WWW! Betcey provides A-1 first class service!

Keepsake Cutwork
My favorite (and the best) cutwork designer is now working with beads! Please take a look at Paula's wonderful amulet bags!

The Bead Merchant
A great source for beaded knitting patterns and supplies!

Beadwrangler's Bead & Fiber Junction
Gotta learn to bead crochet? Here's the place to go... it's on my to do list!

Just Plain Cool
Healing Beadwork
Susan Aguirre's wonderful site!
I've got her Healing Hand bag in my stash for a friend who practices healing touch.

Dark Hare Beadwork
Original beadwork by Julia S. Pretl
Make sure you have plenty of spare time before you pop into this rabbit hole! It is amazing!

Sampler Sites

Dutch Samplers
Business Week: March 17, 1977 - Schoolgirl Embroidery, Grown-Up Prices

Elizabeth E. Jacobs Sampler Collection (c. 1879-1882)
Newfoundland Samplers

Samplers Through the Ages
Southern Decorative Needlework
A three-part article by Heather Palmer. First published in The Southern Quarterly, Fall 1988.

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