Cutwork Techniques
I''d much rather cut a piece of linen to smithereens
than work those #@$!%#& fractinal stitches!

Ring Bearer's Pillow - 1991 Ring Bearer's Pillow
from Keepsake Cutwork - Designs by Paula Heckmann.

This pillow was done for my cousin Kim's wedding in 1991. The cutwork edge measures about 2 1/2 inches deep. The boy who served as ring bearer fell so in love with the pillow that they had to allow him to take it home - to Sweden!!!! Fortunately, it was just a temporary visit!

Valerie's Pillow
from Keepsake Cutwork - Designs by Paula Heckmann.

This is another ring bearer's pillow pattern. I made this for my stepddaughter's 1996 wedding. Another relative had made her a cross stitched ring bearer's pillow, so I just left the pillow out and it was used as a mat for the cake serving pieces.
Valerie's Pillow - 1996

Hardanger Runner 1987-1996
Table Runner
An Adaptation of Large White Runner,
from the pamphlet Hardanger Embroidery from the Northewest II.

I began work on this runner shortly after I learned Hardanger in 1987. I got so tired of looking at it that I put it away and didn't work on it again until 1996!!!!! I had come across it while unpacking from our move, and couldn't believe how close to being finised I was when I had put it away!

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