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Needlecrafts July 1928

I live in a cottage and yonder it stands
And while I can work with these two honest hands
I'm as happy as those that have houses and lands.
From an American sampler dated 1811.

A Selection of Sampler Titles
OP - denotes that the publication is out of print
E - denotes an exhibit catalog
* - Highly recommended

Alphabets from Early Samplers, Marsha Van Valin
American Needlework Treasures, Betty Ring - OP *
American Samplers, Ethel S. Bolton and Eva J. Coe - *
An A-Z of British 18th & 19th Centruy Samplers, Whitney Antiques - E
Anonymous Was a Woman, Mirra Bank *
An Anonymous Woman Her Work, Kathleen Epstein
Antique Needlework, Lanto Synge -OP *
The Book of Samplers Margurite Fawdry and Deborah Brown - OP
Cross Stitch Patterns, Irmgard Gierl
Embroidered Samplers, Doretha Kay - OP *
Emberoidered Textiles, Shelia Paine *
Embroidery at the Burrell Collection 1600-1700, Liz Arthur - *
Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers, Alberta Nieuwburg - OP *
English Domestic Needlework, Therle Hughes - OP
English Secular Needlework, Jane D. Zimmerman - *
A Gallery of American Samplers, Glee Krueger -OP *
Girlhood Embroidery, Betty Ring - *
Historical Designs for Embroidery, Louisa Pesel - OP
Historical Needlework, Margaret Swain - OP
Historical Samplers, Patricia Ryan - OP
Labors of Love, Judity Weissman and Wendy Lavitt
Lessons Stitched in Silk, Hood Museum of Art - E
Let Virtue Be A Guide to Thee, Betty Ring - E- OP *
Making Samplers, Greenoff, Keyes and Verso
May Useful Arts Employ My Youth, Mary Vincent - E
Needlework, An Historical Survey, Betty Ring -OP
Needlework in America, Virginia Bath - OP
New England Samplers to 1840, Glee Krueger - OP *
Plain and Fancy, Susan Swan - *
The Proper Stitch, Darleen O'Steen
Sampler and Antique Needlework, Symbol of Excellence
Sampler and Antique Needlework, Vol II, Symbol of Excellence
Samplers, Pamela Clabburn - OP
Samplers, Averil Colby - OP *
Samplers, Susan Mayor and Diana Fowle *
Samplers, Anne Sebba - OP *
Samplers, A School Room Exercise, Whitney Antiques - E
Samplers and Samplermakers, Mary Jaene Edmonds *
Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries, Marcus Huish *
Samplers for Today, Cecile Dreesmann - OP *
Stiches in Time, David Park Curry - E
Traditional Samplers, Sarah Don - OP *

Don't let the fact that a book is out of print stop you from looking for it! Many used book stores have a craft section where needlework books can be found for bargin prices. Check out shops while traveling and send "wish lists" to friends and family around the country who will help you in your search. This approach to building your sampler library may take some time, but if you are lucky it will enable you to save a lot of money. For those of you who just can't wait here are some dealers specalizing in needlework books. Catalogs may require a fee.

Hard-to-Find Needlework Books
Bette S. Feinstein
96 Roundwood Road
Newton, MA 02464-1217

Ruth Kern Books
Box 35366
Phoenix, AZ 85069

Peddlers Wagon
Box 109 EG
Lamar MO 64759

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