Beaded Knitting III
All of these little bags use 11/0 Seed Beads and Size 8 Pearl Cotton.
These patterns are a mixture of my own designs and a few from Renee Gomez.

Rememberance - 2001 Rememberance - 2001

In late November of 2000, our EGA chapter lost a very special member. Peggy was so warm and giving. Just a really neat lady. She left her needlework stash to my friend, Margarita. One day, while visiting wih her, she commented that she didn't know what she was going to do with all of the beads that Peggy had given her. I looked at the beads, mostly in small containers, and suggested that I could mix several colors together and make her a beaded bag. She really like the idea and together we picked out the colors. Now it is August 2001. I had Marg's bag completed, but just hadn't gotten around to working on the strap. She called me up and invited me to help her celebrate Peggy's upcoming birthday. The thought of not only finishing up Marg's bag, but making two more (one for myself and Peggy's daughter, Nancy) and giving them out as "presents" came to mind.

Melanie's Bag - 2001
A commissioned piece for the mother of one of my son's friends. Basic Bead Lady Press bag with a netted flap.
Melanie's Bag - 2001

Norma's Bag - 2001 For Norma - 2001
Another Renee Gomez bag.

This one was made for my friend Norma.
This is the second bag that I made for Norma.
I sent the first one Priority Mail - she got the box - stamped "arrived without contents"
but inside was a Mickey Mouse watch!
Now I pack bags sent by mail very carefully and never mention what is inside!

Spring - 2001
Again - Renee Gomez - I just love that swag action!
This one was given to one of the instructors at summer camp.
Spring - 2001

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