Bead Knitting II
All of these little bags use 11/0 Seed Beads and Size 8 Pearl Cotton.
Patterns are from Baglady Press, Renee Gomez, or are my own designs.

Jet 2 Cut Pendant Bag -1997 Jet - 1997

This photo just doesn't do this little bag justice! It has been made with Czech 10/0 3-cut seed beads and boy does it sparkle! While I was making this bag a visiting friend from California thought so much of it that I gave it to her on the day she went back home. I just loved the effect of the 3 cuts!

spacer For Ginny - 2000

Another original bag. This one was made for a friend.
I also knitted her a scissor tassle with the left over beads.
Ginny's Bag - 2000

Mary's Bag - 2000 For Marty - 2000

This bag was made for one of the coolest chicks I know!
If I could have had a sister - I would want it to be Marty!
This is a Renee Gomez design - done with teal iris 1 cuts.
Those babies do sparkle!
I also made her a scissor tassle with the remainder of her hank.

spacer What a Nut! - 2000

Oh, how I love those acorns!
An original design knitted with two colors of thread and matte brown beads for the nut and metallice bronze beads for the cap.
What a Nut! - 2000

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