Beaded Knitting
All of these little bags use 11/0 Seed Beads and Size 8 Pearl Cotton.
Patterns are from Baglady Press

Nana's Button - 1995 Nana's Button - 1995

This was my third bead knitted bag. (I had made the first two as Christmas gifts.) The bag uses purple iris beads Czech seed beads, five 4mm amythest beads and a button from my Great Grandmother's sewing box. I hadn't learned much about edges and fringes at this point. The neck chain is my very first attempt at beading! It took forever to finish, but I was pleased with the results.

spacer Smokey - 1996

This bag uses brown iris Czech seed beads, 4x6mm faceted ovals and a smokey quartz tear drop pendant. I had purchased the pendant in the Republic of Korea in 1982, but seldom wore it. It turned out to be perfect for this bag! We had moved from Kansas to Florida in November of 1995. I was very disappointed to find out that there weren't any bead shops for hundreds of miles! I picked up these seed beads at an annual Native American festival. I lost this bag in St Augustine in 2001. We were nearly to Daytona when I noticed that it was gone. Would you believe DH insisted on taking us all the way back to St Augustine to look for it! Of course it was gone. I just hope that who ever found it will treasure it as much as I did. It was (and still is) my favorite piece.
Smokey - 1996

BG's Bag - 1997 BG's Bag - 1997

This bag was made for an on-line secret pal.
I really liked the sparkle and color the cloisonne beads gave the piece.
It was also my first time working with the opaque rainbow beads - although the hole on these beads were quite small, I'd use them again! Czech seed beads and pressed glass. Cloisonne beads.

spacer Sissy Girl - 1997

I made this little bag for my daughter Kaitlyn when she started Kindergarten. Every time she saw me make another bag, she would ask me to make one for her. We picked out the beads for this little bag at the NEW bead shop in Cocoa Village - just 30 minutes away! Czech color lined seed beads, round Czech crystals, a heart shaped crystal and a rose quartz zuni bear.
Sissy Girl - 1997

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