Itty Bitty Pretty Ones

Harlequin II - 1999 Harlequin II - 1999

A simple design formed on a traditional diaper pattern. I had originally worked this up for a teaching piece in mauves and ecru. I gave that Harlequin bag to my step-daughter, Tanya. This one uses hex beads and my favorite acorn colors.

spacer Acorn in the Mist - 1999

A netted bag with oodles of fringe.
I found the acorn in a bin of broken jewelry at a second hand shop.
Acorn in the Mist - 1999

spacer Framed! - 2000

Another favorite - the main bead for this pin/pendant is my absolute all time favorite color - dark topaz AB or as some call it "Root Beer". At the time I had wanted to make a bag, but wasn't sure that I would have enough beads - so I thought of putting a window in it. Well, what do I need with a bag that has a big hole in it? LOL! The pin finding also has a loop so that it may be worn as a pendant.
Framed - 2000

Charmed - 2001 Charmed - 2001

Guess what I found? Yup, a source for my favorite bead! An assortment of pressed glass and a few brass charms give this piece a great casual look.

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