Those Bad, Bad Beads

Senorita - 1997 Senorita - 1997

The central bead is a vintage glass reverse cameo cab
and is surrounded by Czech 12/0 3Xs.
A gift for my son Dylan's day care provider.

spacer Nymyph with Beads - 1997

When I first saw this design in
Suzanne Cooper's Uniquely Yours, I fell in love!

I've worked the bag in flat peyote with those delicious Delicas.
Nymyph with Beads - 1997

Blue Lace - 1998 Blue Lace - 1998

Worked with 12/0 3-cut Czech seed beads in spiral peyote over a wooden case, this beaded needlecase is crowned with a blue lace agate cab.

spacer Jungle Boy - 1998

Most of my bead work has been made as gifts and this piece is no exception! This is piece is done with Czech glass E beads, wooden animal beads and is strung on cord. It was made for my son, Dylan.
Jungle Boy - 1998

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