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This section is generally about where former Gamecocks got drafted and where they are currently.  We are only listing back to the year 2000 at the moment.  We will list football, baseball, and basketball sections separate because of the length and space.
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2008 Football Draft (04/08):
Cory Boyd
Casper Brinkley

2007 Football Draft (04/28/07):
2nd round, 12th pick (44th overall):  Sidney Rice - Minnesota Vikings
4th round, 24th pick (123rd overall):  Fred Bennett - Houston Texans

2006 Football Draft:
1st round, 24th pick (24th overall):  Jonathan Joseph - Cincinnati Bengals
4th round, 8th pick(105th overall): Ko Simpson - Buffalo Bills

2005 Football Draft (04/23/05):
1st round, 7th pick (7th overall):  Troy Williamson - Minnesota Vikings
7th round, 6th pick (220th overall):  Rod Wilson - Chicago Bears
7th round, 27th pick (238th overall):  Darrell Shropshire - Atlanta Falcons

2004 Football Draft:
1st round, 10th pick (10th overall):  Dunta Robinson - Houston Texans
3rd round, 31st pick (94th overall):  Travelle Wharton - Carolina Panthers
6th round, 19th pick (184th overall):  Deandre Eiland - Minnesota Vikings

2003 Football Draft:
6th round, 1st pick (174th overall):  Langston Moore - Cincinnati Bengals
6th round, 8th pick (181st overall):  Corey Jenkins - Miami Dolphins
7th round, 15th pick (229th overall):  Andrew Pinnock - San Diego Chargers

2002 Football Draft:
2nd round, 3rd pick (35th overall):  Kalimba Edwards - Detroit Lions
2nd round, 27th pick (59th overall):  Sheldon Brown - Philadelphia Eagles
3rd round, 3rd pick (68th overall):  Andre Goodman - Detroit Lions
3rd round, 5th pick (70th overall):  Willie Offord - Minnesota Vikings
6th round, 21st pick (193rd overall):  John Stamper - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2000 Football Draft:
1st round, 13th pick (13th overall):  John Abraham - New York Jets
5th round, 21st pick (152nd overall):  Arturo Freeman - Miami Dolphins
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