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Komokos Silver Cloud
Komokos Silver Cloud.
This very correct showgirl will hopefully give us some awesome foals by Chewbaca. She is  a close decendent (X2) of the famous Chianti. She is a Silver Dun Appaloosa
Announcing our first foal by chewbaca out of our beloved little mare. She is a Beautiful gulla with appaloosa charactoristics. She will grow to be very tiny and refined.
Scott Creek Calipso has won many national awards herself and has produced many fine foals from Elk Creek Chewbaca. Sahe has been bred to Chewbaca for a 2008 foal
Annoucing Calypsos new colt. This foal is by Aristos Bitty Buck who is double bred Shadow Oaks Top Banana. This colt has awesome bloodlines. His was born a beatiful palomino pintaloosa with four tall white socks. . He had a pinto spot over his whithers and over his tail, and a frosty white appaloosa blanket with spots over his hips. As his winter baby coat came in he turned a pretty ivory palomino color so his pintaloosa marking are not so evident but we expect them to return in the sping when he shed out. Hes if very refined and long legged but will only mature to about 33" tall.
He is for Sale
Elk Creek Izzabel. A double bred Van Huttenest mare out of Scott Creek Calypso. She is also a homozygous pinto. She has already produced some awesome pintaloosa foals by Elk Creek Chewbaca. She has been bred to Chewbaca for a 2008 foal
Scott Creek Glory Bea. She is a pretty leopard color.
This mare came to us bred to Witch Doctor a blanket appaloosa. This bay colt has blue eyes and is loaded with Appaloosa Charactoristics. He is alrady starting to color. we have rebred her to Chewbaca for a 2008 foal
LB Aurora Moon. 2005 filly. Watch for this georgous girl in the show ring. She is a silver bay leopard pintaloosa.
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