Erotic Gay art and Fine art by William F. Raymond




From an early age starting in kindergarten, I expressed myself in drawing, painting, fine art and art history. Since the 1950's, my art has turned to the gay art and queer art themes. Media that I've use are water color, pencil, acrylic, oil painting and mixed media. All the acrylic and oil paintings are Orgininal art, done primarily from my imagination. Though I have used live models for life art study in my work in the past, the Gay art and Homoerotic art featured here is strictly Imaginative art; done without models. My Imaginative art has focused on things like social commentary, erotica, Homoerotic art, cartooning, sign painting, court room drawing, portraiture, Imaginative art and Life art, drawing and painting. The photographs show some of my more recent works in acrylic and oil pauntings.


From an early age, I have been involved in the Gay rights struggle, even before Stonewall in 1969. My Homoerotic art is a continuation of that struggle, especially in the midst of swelling right wing christian hysteria under the Bush and Harper regimes. For no gain made with struggle can be maintained without further struggle. The fight against Gay art and gay people continues with unabated fervor. The war is far from over. It is still on! In fact, the casualties from that war are on the level of a battle field! Homophobia is rampant in all levels of society and expresses itself in all kinds of violence that is the real obscenity. Thus, in my old age, confined now to a wheel chair with rheumatoid arthritis, partly brought on by an attack due to religious anti-gay hysteria, I express myself through Queer art, Homoerotica, Life art, which I know are part of Fine art, Art history is complete with nudes in sculpture and painting from the dawn of history until now. Art without controversy is empty, devoid of any real artistic substance and is suitable only for commercial applications.


Any Original art, Queer art, Homoerotic art and oil paintings that are purchased is done so with an agreement not to reproduce by any means such as electronic, photographic or any other means without the express written permission of the artist. All works are copyrighted on the date signed on the painting. Original art prints and custom greeting cards are also protected by copyright. More e-pages depicting Gay art, Fine art, Life art, Art prints, custom greeting cards and works are being added on an ongoing basis, so bookmark this page and check back soon. Geeting cards are a new item and are now being added. Not all paintings are offered in greeting card format at this point. Individual pages indicate what is available. A new feature is as of December 2006, is Do It Yourself (DIY) prints for $9.95 CDN. Available DIY prints are also indicated on idividual pages with instructions.




Once you have selected the painting, print or greeting card that you are interested in, order through sending Pay Pal. You will receive instructions as to how and where to send payment for the item. Once the payment has been received, verified and processed, your order will be processed and mailed, either by post or by Fed-Ex. You can expect to receive your order, once you’ve been notified by return e-mail (not an autoresponder) that it has been sent, in 5 to 10 business days.




The following pages contain some photos of canvases that depict sexually explicit content. Some of the canvasses are suggestive of sexual acts. You must be 18 years or older to view the following pages. By clicking on the EROTIC button, you acknowledge that you are of the legal age of consent.





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