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Created With Love On The 28th July 1998

Listen to a popular Sydney radio station while you surf my site


Aussie Betty`s Other Links

Aussie Betty`s Homepage Resources
Starting out on your first homepage?
I have links to free webspace providers, free online graphic generators,
free online website tools, free webpage add-ons eg: email, webpolls, message boards, counters, guestbooks. There are also links to java, backgrounds, textures, 
wallpaper and more.

Aussie Betty`s Desktopfun Downloads & Links
Here you can find some funny .exe`s I offer for download. There are also links to other exe`s.

Aussie Betty`s Crazyfun Links
Here are a load of links to some great weird and wacky sites!

Rusty the Smoothie
Rusty is my "smooth fox terrier" dog with his own homepage. He is my best mate :o)
He also has links to other "smooth fox terrier" sites.

A Dog`s Prayer

My Wolf Trails
The wolf is one of my favourite wild animals.
Here I have a gallery of my favourite wolf pics including wolf pups.
There are also links to some great wolf sites as well.

Cyberpets Adoptions Playroom
These are a bunch of very cute cyberpets that I have adopted in my travels on the net.

Add Your Link To My Site  (New)
Sites not suitable for family viewing will be removed!

Aussie Betty`s Downunder Connection
Want to know more about Australia, creating graphics, webpage building, or anything else,
leave a post at my new "Downunder Connection" forum.
Now don`t be shy to leave the first message *s*

Wattle Women
Very proud to be a member of 
Wattle Women
Grumblepops Award
I was very proud to receive this wonderful
unsolicited award from Grumblepop

Topsites Australia
Guide To Australia Contributing Site



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