My most favourite get together in Australia was the great aussie barbecue.
At least once a month, or sooner, we would get together with our best
 mates, at our house or theirs, for this tradition. My girlfriend
and I would prepare all the food,and any one else coming would
always bring a plate of something special to add to the table.

 This is a very social time.Everyone gets to know each other, if they haven`t
met before. All the kids have a great time meeting each other and running
around. Our esky`s are put to good use, keeping all the drinks cold.They
can also be put to good use as a seat.


The men always seem to do the cooking, and they don`t all look like my ocker
character above *smile* Our barbies don`t just consist of snags (sausages)
and steak now.We have gone quite exotic, with barbecued spare ribs,
kebabs and lots more.
" By the way, not all of us can afford to "throw another shrimp on the barbie"

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Some of my best barbecues have been in winter with a big fire going in
in the empty shell of a washing machine barrel to keep us warm.
What fun we  had, with singing and guitar playing
till the early hours. Woo Hoo!!

 We too love a sunburnt country, with hills and flooding plains of rugged mountain ranges
and beer that flows like rain.


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