Here she is in her younger days.  To be more exact this was around the time she was bartending at the village she grew up in.  Her muzzle isn't as wide as it is later on in her life, her markings are much more vivid [haven't drawn in the rest yet so just her facial markings pictured here....]. and her hair isn't quite as long yet. 
           During her years with her mate, her markings ever so slowly began to fade in to her black fur.  She always thought this was just a natural thing occuring as she aged but in truth it was because of her mate draining away her future abilities.  What really would have happened as she aged is, her markings would have grown more vivid and clear.  The reds would have brightened, and the black areas darkened even more.  [in this picture she has softly black furr that seems sort of greyish].
             Presently her markings are about where they were in the stage of her life pictured here.  She was not robbed of her dragon strengths but severely drained of them.  And with enough time she grows back into them.  She would have been able to take her dragon form a few decades from the time pictured here if it weren't for her mate.
V`Kahri in her younger years.
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