This is a profile of VK in her dragon form.  It is the most current rendition of her in this form.  The muzzle is drawn longer because i wanted to give her a more dragon type look than a feline look.  There are a few more horns and the markings over all are a tad more detailed.  Ears are larger and less cat like.  They dont really resemble the ears of any monder day creature infact, which is what i wanted.  Her 'mane' is a bit fuller.. the hairs are technically fairly thick and wirey.  she can puff up her mane similar to a crop of feathers on top of a birds head.  it usually happens when she's mad or some how threatened.  Spikes go down the center of her back, starting at the base of her neck.. in this image you can just make out the first one.   You cant see her wings though, except for the very base of them.  The plating of fur on the underside of her neck is a bit clearer.  the fur there is much much less plyable than the fur in her mane.   It's shorter too, and if i had to justify it with a resemblance to something real.. i'd say it is like needles.  And aside from her sabers you can just barely make out a second tooth beginnng to peak through her lips.  It is identical on the other side.
             This was drawn with blue ball point pen.  So yeah blue doesn't suit her but that's what i had to draw with at the time so oh well.....i have begun to work up some rough ideas for the rest of her body, it's coming along rather slowly however.  Her body in dragon form is very lean, rigidly toned with jet black furr and crimson markings that lick at various parts of her body.. for example, her cheaks, ears, and neck.. cant really see them that well in this pic, but i have a finished port made from this picture if you ever want to see on furcadia.  fur is very shiny because of it's rigidness.  from a distance this gives her a slight sheen, almost as if she were infact scaled.
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