Looks like V`Kahri is having one hell of a bad day.  Hell she's about ready to rip someone's head off!
         This scan is rather sloppy, but it works for now.  I made her head too small... i'm really trying not to do that anymore.   The markings on her arm aren't right but over all this is her!  Her clothes are nonflammable, though the loin isn't quite right... i mean it's correct but it doesn't have the look i was going for.   Her paws are too human like and not 'paw' enough. 
       One important thing i forgot to include in this [and the other one with her fist up] is the belt she wears carrying her bloodwyne.. it straps around her waist, and can hold two bottles.  baisically there's two rings or straps attatched to the belt where the necks of the bottles can be hung.

[hehehe, must have been locked out of Shadow haven yet again... ;)-  ] inside joke
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