R O L E   P L A Y I N G

This is an overview of Role Playing as I have interpreted it.  this type of RP is also known as Persona Play.
First of all, here's an example of using Attempts to role play fairly and successfully..  my character for example is powerful with fire. 
Your character would not be able to know anything about that through telekenessis[SP?] or other mind tricks
unless RP'd and that is only if i give concent to it.
     in other words if your character posts something like:
Avelyn readied his attacks, all of his focuss centered on her spirit, his mind seaping into the deapths of her soul to find what secrets are hidden there in..   noting the strength with fire, he began to mentally prepare water and ice based attacks, chanting softly while twirling his staff infront of him. [1/?]

that would not work because of the part in italics, he stated doing those things instead of
attempting to do them.  Now... if that post was reworded to be like this:
    Avelyn readied his attacks, all of his focuss centering about her spirit as he attempted to search the deapths of her mind, seaking out whatever strengths and weaknesses he might use to his advantage.. chanting softly he twirled his staff before him, focussing all of his power in a meditative preparation for the fight.

That would be ok, because then depending on what type of mood i'm in, i can either respond giving him hints of what he might find by attempting to do that, or telling him in full what he might find... or simply ignoring the action for the most part, meaning it was a failed attempt.

n general and in my opinion role playing should be fun and you should not have to do anything you dont want to.   therefore buy using the consent rule, players can choose or not choose for a particular action or occurrance to take place.
    BUT keep in mind that for it to be even, and for the story and RP to really be what it can be, both parties must be willing to suffer some casualties, and Both parties should be able to get in successful attacks/attempts.
arguements and frustration arrise when neither party wants to play realistically.
    if your character is logically just ten times more powerful, it should be made clear in his/her description.
if you dont, then your subjecting yourself to ridicule and being referred to as a godmodder, or a twink.
you cant just decide at one moment to have a certain ability or to be a certain strength IF you want to hold a decent RP without any fights or disagreements.
     Also if you'v joined a continuity keep in mind the time frame of that continuity and what creatures would and would not exist there.  AND REMEMBER:  if you venture into other communities or places, be sure to find out if your characters race, and abilities, armor, and propts would even exist there.
if they wouldn't you cant expect to have a decent RP without a dispute arrising.

More perhaps, to come later..........

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