When she refused, the real truth, the fatal blow that shattered her world, was revealed.   -All those years he had been using her for his own personal gain.-   He was a large creature at 6'8 with tiger like markings and features.  He was entirely black, sporting two smooth horns near the back of his head that arched back, and several spikes lined his thick muscular tail.  His forearms and paws were scaled with talons at the 'fingertips', and his eyes were an exotic shade of violet.  Bulging with muscle, and power, his rugged frame hinted at a drakonic heritage.. in truth he was nothing of the sort. He was a daemon, a vicious ruthless sort patient enough to wait decades or even centuries to get just what he was after.  And it was through intercourse, intamacy, and closeness.. through her devotedness to him, that he aquired bit by bit more of the different strengths that she herself was not fully aware of having.
         By enslaving her love for all those years, hardly a blink of an eye in the span of their lives, he became adept at using fire, something that originally was quite dangerous for him.   He had attained other abilities she was not aware of having as well, yet he could sense them within her. Mainly her dragon heritage!   He would very soon be  able to take dragon form whenever he pleased, and while in this state all of his strengths would be amplified, while his weaknesses might decrease-
          Because she declined his offer, he overpowered her that night.  she was chained in the stark quarters beneath their mansion of a home, and he took every last bit of strength from her until he had his fill.. Which was not for several months.  His true nature shown through in these last few days of their relationship.. Pleasure in bed did not involve intimacy or love.  It involved rape, bondage, and various forms of torture.  She was starved, whipped, raped, and beaten often throughout the days and when there was barely a shell of a creature left in her, she was to be discarded.  She was brought before him one last time, to the room they had shared over the years.. There he took to one last sadistic ravenging of her body, draining her to the point of unconciousness and nearly to the brink of death.. 
        Afterwards, her life nearly forfeit to the exhaustion, physical and emotional ravaging, she was thrown out into a cruddy old boat and left to drift at sea.  To this day she still does not know how long she drifted about over the ocean.. a few days.. or a few weeks?.. Drifting in and out of consciousness she awoke briefly to find herself beached in an unfamilier place, in an area sparsely inhabited by others.  To weak to move she layed there in the boat still passing from conscious to unconscious state.  Fortunately for her, some fishermen found her and brought her to the local inn where she remained for several weeks.  All of that time was spent in a deep exhausted sleep, which was the only thing allowing the maiden watching over her, to tend to her wounds.  When she finally awoke, dissoriented and plagued with the horrible memories tearing at her heart and mind, her confused state resulted in her violently fleeing the premesis.  She was still horribly weak, frail and not fully recovered from all of her wounds.  Some of them re-oppened during her struggle with the locals insisting she must stay in bed and not wander off on her own beyond the village.  Not caring to even reason what she was doing in her bout for freedome, those who merely wished to help were injured and fought away as she took her leave of the tiny village.  She ran as far as she could deep into an untaimed forest, refusing to go near any sort of inhabited area again.

The light
         After all that, she remained in a solitary state for years before ever getting close to another being, male or female, young or old, again.   any time she went out it was at night, and to an area no one cared to wander at such hours.  She did not have a home, simply wandered and slept wherever proved most convenient.
          She travled constantly, never staying in one place for long.   Upon traveling through a small mountain range, out beyond the borders of the civilized world she found a strange monument..  she was beginning to starve, having not found a source of food over the rocky terrain and so of course she explored the place..  it was built right into the side of a mountain.  It was a monastary full of furrs and other creatures.. they were Monks, of all sorts of races even human, and they all were quite respectfull.. they followed a strict discipline, and while she did not particularly like being around others, the temperment and solitued of this rather populated place called out to her.   she ended up living there for many many years, and it was here that a great deal of healing and development occured.   Her previous encounter did not actually deplete her of her inate abilities.   Her mate did drain her yes, but not to death..  She learned through meditation and various techniques to better control fire and even to take that strength further to new heights.  She learned several fighting techniques as well and had even grown capable of weilding a few weapons though she preferred not to.  
            Through living at this monastary she was able to re-adjust to simply living near others.  and finally when she felt it was time to leave she ventured back towards the many cities and towns where furres were not so few and far between.

     V`kahri ventured from city to town to city for a short while.   By now she was a little over 500 years old, yet barely resembled someone in their late 20's.   She knew at this point that it was because of the mixed ancestry within her viens that she was not aging like most furres.  She was not yet able to transform into the dragon she felt within herself but she was aware that the qualities and feelings she endured were of a drakonic nature.  She came upon a dank and dreary place one evening, and reluctantly took shelter there for the rain was something she did not like.   It was a large castle, bustling with life despite the remote stormy cliff it was located on.   The place was a haven for weary travelers, and a home for any who wished to make it so.   she ended up falling in love with the place, for solitude was always a door away and the inhabitants were friendly enough for her liking.   Not to mention the bar was almost always empty of furres, yet full of fine bloodwynes and ales.. she lived there for many years and currently still does.  She went through many changes over the years in this place, and has by now learned how to transform into her dragon self.. she has even learned through practicing techniques aquired from the monastry, how to stop the transformation before it completes, resulting in a 'middle form'.  The castle has changed too, becoming ghostly and emptier than when she first arrived.  It, like herself has had a rocky past, and somehow that has made her come to treasure it all that much more..
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