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       V`Kahri's mother and father were both hybrids or mixed breeds.  Her father was half blood dragon, and half feline, with the stronger portion of his lineage being of the drakonic nature.  He was quite strong, and resembled a dragon more than anything.  His heritage of dragon was one not of an undead aspect.  His kind lived extremely solitary lives and thrived off of blood quite similarly to the way bats do. It was their main nutritional need, and depending on the source, it could have varying degrees of pleasurable effects.. like alcohol would to a drinker.
             While this aspect of his being was no where near as prominant as his predecessors, he would often have strong cravings for blood, that even the strongest of bloodwynes could not appease.  The Blood Dragons of his ancestry  tended to be full sized ferral quadrapeds, that retained intellectual qualities such as the ability to reason and speak.  Some of them could change their forms, somewhat or entirely and that is what has allowed them to interbreed with other races, anthropomorphic or not.  They were also, often very skilled with an element or two.. generally they would be very strong with one in particular and sometimes only one.  other times they might master one and yet have some capabilities with a second.  which element each new decendant could manipulate depended on the genetics carried down from it's parents. Sometimes it would be a same element of it's mother or father, and other times it would be completely different.  The degree to which each blood dragon could manipulate an element depended partially on it's genes, and partially on it's will to master the strength.  some of the eliments they could control were water, lightning, and fire.  As for his Feline heritage, V'k's father was mainly of tiger descent.
             V`Kahri's mother was quite an odd mix herself.  She sported a long spiraling horn, mid-sized feathery wings, and split hooves for feet as a result of being part unicorn.  Her Unicorn ancestors were not ferral but anthropomorphic, and some of them were born with wings. They were gifted with the ability to use magick though wether they did or not depended on their upbringing.  If they did not begin practicing from birth, then they would never grow to their full potential of sorcery.
V`k's mother was one of the ones who did not learn from birth, but did begin aquiring some teachings around her teen years.  She could only cast some elemental spells, the strongest being of a mid level rank in terms of power or force.  She did have a nack for healing, a gift of being part unicorn, but her ability was limited to those who remained alive, and for the most part in tact.
Her feline heritage was mainly of lynx decent.
Her Past
   As for V`Kahri herself... she has little to no memory of her past, as far as her childhood and parents are concerned.  she does not even know if they are still alive in truth.  Her oldest memory is of her parents running somewhere with her.  Their faces are shadowed in her memory, but her imagination would fill in the gaps.  Most of her younger years were spent in a village.. she did not have any adoptive parents, though there was one house she was afforded residency in.  A young feline by the name of Eclipse lived there, though she would often be gone for days traveling.  V`kahri never really knew the details of those long trips but never cared to inquire anyway. Despite being young, she did not have much interest in playing with others or intruding on their lives.  She was happy to go about her days doing her own thing, which usually involved being in the woods outside of town.  And while she was at a loss for what she was and what her past was about, a sense of understanding remained within her for what she could do.  She was aware of her elimental abilities though she was not very good at controlling them...When Eclipse was around she would teach V`kahri of various meditative techniques, and even to a small degree how to manipulate fire, the eliment within her.
           By her mid twenties she began to work in the local tavern tending to patrons.  She resembled a 12 year old more than a young adult at this time, and could control fire enough to keep the drunken furrs from wishing to mess with her.  Her elimental strength realistically was not great but to someone who could no more stand up straight let alone manage a smooth punch, it was more than enough to defend herself.  She had grown lean, not as muscular as she would later become, but there was a very slight toning to her body.  She enjoyed tending despite how populated the bar could become, and would often indulge in bloodwyne when her days had come to an end.   It was there one night that a strange new face came into town, and would on occaision return to the tavern seemingly just to enjoy a few good drinks.  he was always alone, and always kept to himself though there was just something about him that V`kahri felt was different...and not just because of his looks.   After a few months he initiated a conversation with the tender he had come to watch during his past visits and finally they'd greet each other every time he visited.  Even when she was not working they'd share conversations that would last for hours. 
           A few years later they had become quite close... one day he came to her with news of his departure.. he would be moving away, to a distant country across the sea.  He invited her to travel with him, to be his mate and she happily agreed.  They had become a couple and complimented each other perfectly.   In a rather busy city of stone and marble buildings and streets, far different from the small village she had known, they took residence in a small mansion on the edge of town that overlooked the bay.  Everything seemed as perfect as it could possibly be.. V`kahri found herself to be happily in love with him, and he with her.  And this guise would last for several years at the least.  Sadly she could never have guessed that everything, from her first conversation with him, to the current state of their relationship, was all set up by her mysterious mate solely so he could gain abilities she was not aware she had.

The Darkness
        V'Kahri was not always quite as solitary as she has become.. while it is part of her nature anyway, it would not normally be so prominant..  Long ago she had fallen in love with an anthro that resembled a strong black feline whome she devoted nearly every aspect of her life to for years.. though this was not a long time, not by far for either of them, it was enough time for him to take what he planned from the start.   She gave herself fully in that relationship, in mind body and soul.
          One day to her ultimate despair however, she found her lover resting in bed with several other females about him..  Most of them resembled slaves, having colars and even leashes and wearing very little if any clothing at all..  At first she felt anger, sheer anger and confusion.  He never seemed the sort to have an interest in slaves, and she did not approve of it anyway.  He knew this and yet there he was, with his new pets..obviously just toys to him by how he handled them.  He did not just brush her off since she interrupted, as not loving her anymore.  He became cold, detatched in a way she could not word, even hinted for her to join them. 
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