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Up for trade:
OK first off:
Silver Sponsorship  Exp:  2005/05/24  at 14:40:01  Tuesday
so...  what am i interested in giving this up for?.. right now the main interest is a dragon.  preferably with about as much time left on it, as this SS.   A portrait that is changable once a month is part of the package i do believe.  I will only use furcadia's secure trader. 

will i trade it for anything else?  possibly.  Things i
Dont want are, butterfly wings, portrait spaces, or a pheonix.  i already have Tri's.

Tri Wings  Exp:  2005/07/27   02:49:56   Wednesday
I'm really not all that interested in trading these to be honest but i will for the right kind of offer.  
A dragon is at the top of my list so if you have one your willing to trade then you have a good chance at getting both the tri's and the SS.

i may trade the SS or the Tri's for other digos, such as life items, classics, or -maybe- a gryffon.  it all just depends on the offer, and the experations of the items being offered.

Wish List
These are items on my wish list.  Simple donations and gifts will be met with a huge thankyou.  i dont mean just a literary composition of a thankyou but like a free commision.
They are listed in order of preference.

Dragon For Life*
Life Tri Wings*
or Life Classics*
Empty (unused) Port Spaces
or Life Gryffon
Butterfly Wings

Is there anything else i might trade for a digo item?  sure...
If the offer is good, i might consider buying and creating a port space for someone.
I might do a commision in return depending on what i'm asked to draw, and what item is being offered in return.
Or i might flat out buy it, using paypal depending on the expiration date and the amount being asked.

so if you have any digos you are looking to get rid of, sell, trade or what have you, and any of these things i've mentioned here are appealing, then do give me a hollar.  you can email me at vkahri@siu.edu
be sure to set the subject line to 'digos' or something similar.

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