Clan Stravnos

Welcome to House and Clan Stravnos, I am Vicol Stravnos Leader of my clan as well as your gracious host. Clan stravnos is a Household of the SCA ( Society for Creative Anachronism) . Most of us were originally Part of House Faulconemere and are still Part of the Kutztown Medieval renaissance Club. The majority of the House is Gypsy for the Gadji or Rom for the ones who know. Our Clan is forever growing and looking for new Vict......I mean members ** silly smile** Seriously; we for the most part, try our best to recreate the true rom heritage instead of those fearless scoundrels of the Movies.... Admittedly some of us are scoundrels and rapscallions but hey we got to be ourselves.... Feel free to Look about and meet the Members of our House and our Allies and friends. The page will be updated whenever I can so please forgive the wait .

Please come in and find out a little more about our roving band of merriment

These are images and possible tales of some of the Friends we made through the years ** Mostly Pennsic**

A few Pictures of our Home Pennsic War

A few links Of site ya May want to Look into

We may be Scum but we Appriciate Art

The Clans E-group for Clan Members and Family

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