This is the aircraft carrier LCDR Richard F. Collins flew off of on that fateful night in November. It is a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier. Please click here to go to a neat website about the USS Ranger. :)

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Please click here,to see a list of states from the DPMO on missing servicemen from the Vietnam War.
Click here to see photos off of a microfilm from the Department of Defense on Richard Frank Collins. Click on the VA-196 patch to open it. It should be named "Richard Frank Collins File Album". (If you are a member of Yahoo, sign in, and then you will be able to download it. If you have a problem with it, please let me know by email, and I will send it to your email address.)


Please click here to get information on H. Res. 103 (POW/MIA) Bill before the house right now. Please contact your congressman or congresswoman today through this link, and tell them that you support this bill, and you want them to do the same. Election time is coming up. Time to make them accountable. Servicemen like LCDR Richard Frank Collins and his family are counting on you to make that phone call, fax, or email to the representatives of your state.

LCDR Richard Frank Collins, O4/US Navy
Assigned to Unit: Attack Squadron VA-196, On board the USS Ranger (CVA 61)
Date of Birth: 25th of October 1936
Home City of Record:Huntington Park, California
Date of Loss: 22nd of November 1969
Country of Loss: Laos
Last Known Coordinates: 16.30.00N 10.62.500E
Status: (in 1973): MIA Missing in Action
Category: 4
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: A-6 Alpha Attack Bomber
Others in Incident:LT. Michael E. Quinn(missing); (25 miles away-Richard C. Deuter-Missing);
Source: Compiled by Homecoming 2 Project 01 April 1990 from one or more of the following: Raw data from US Govt. Agency sources, coorespondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews, and Operation Just Cause, who, without help from this organization, this page would not be possible, and also help from the USS Nimtz webpage,as well as my own photos.

Click on the "Home City of Record" link to view a list of Senators and Representatives responsible for the safe return of LCDR Richard Frank Collins. Please write them, email them, or call them and tell them that this issue will not ever go away until all missing servicemen and women are home and are with their families, either alive or dead. This injustice must NOT GO ON!!!


Please email me to find out how you can get my Library of Congress research on LCDR. Richard F. Collins at Mike Matteri.

This is the history of events leading up to LCDR. Richard Frank Collins's Disappearance:
When North Vietnam began to increase their military strength in South Vietnam, NVA(North Vietnamese Army) and Viet Cong troops intruded in neutral Laos for sanctuary, as well as to transport weapons, supplies, and troops. The road system used most was dubbed the "Ho Chi Minh Trail", given by the American serviceman at the time, due to the increased North Vietnamese traffic of supplies, weapons, and troop tansports along this road in Vietnam. Hundreds of American pilots were shot down trying to disrupt the communist supply route into South Vietnam.

Fortunately, U.S. Search and Rescue Teams "Angels of Mercy" in Vietnam was extremely successful, and recovery rate was very high

Unfortunately, there were nearly 2000+ servicemen who were not rescued.

Many of them were brought down along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, yet there was some alive on the ground, and in radio contact with Search and Rescue and other planes, some were known to have been captured and held against their will. IT IS TIME TO BRING THEM HOME, ESPECIALLY LCDR. RICHARD FRANK COLLINS!!!!!!

Hanoi's communist allies in Laos, the Pathet Lao, publicly spoke of American POW's that was held by them, but when the peace agreement were negotiated, Laos was not included in the agreement, and not a single American serviceman was released that is held in Laos.

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These are the events leading up to LCDR. Richard Frank Collins's Disappearance:

On Nov. 22, 1969, An A-6 Alpha Intruder launched off the flight deck of the USS Ranger. This Intruder carried my adopted serviceman LCDR Collins, and Lt. Michael E. Quinn(Bombadier/Navigator)(Rank has changed to Commander), as part of a 2 plane mission, that were briefed for night road reconnaisance against targets of opportunity, that were inland from the South coast of Vietnam. (Note: At various times, because of high security nature of U.S. involvement in Laos, the service branches, at the time of Vietnam felt it was necessary to conceal loss locations in Laos, possibly due to what they might consider their lack of caring about what happened to the men they sent to Vietnam, and then decided that were either all dead, or with their families, and this can be no farther from the truth.

Whether the location was ever concealed, or "covered up" by corrupt politicians, the use of the phrase"inland from the coast of South Vietnam" is certainly misleading since the aircraft was seeking"targets of opportunity" on the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Savannakhet Province, Laos.

Everything went as planned in the briefing, but another plane was not launched due to mechanical problems, but eventually the aircraft was launched and flew to the target area, arriving to the northeast of the road where Collins and Quinn had started reconnaissance, Subsequently the wingman that was flying with Collins and Quinn experienced a temporary navigation malfunction, causing several minutes delay.

Approximately 5 minutes passed and wingman began flight recon.,5-6 minutes after the wingman saw a billowing explosion and radioed to LT. Quinn, and LCDR. Collins, but received no response. The wingman did not think a lack of communication was reasonable to communicate due to the estimated distance between the aircraft.

After the wingman completed his attacks, he headed back to the carrier. The lead aircraft carrying LCDR Richard Frank Collins and LT. Michael E. Quinn, did not return to the carrier, nor had it been heard from again. Search and Rescue efforts were put into effect immediately, but were delayed due to loss of location. No voice or beacon signals were recieved by Search and Rescue forces.

LCDR. Collins and LT. Quinn are now classified as MIA (Missing in Action).

Could have LCDR Richard Frank Collins, and LT. Michael E. Quinn been shot down by an SA-2 Guideline Missile like the one below, and if so, where is the crash site, and where are these brave mens' remains???

Please click on picture to take you to a site on Russian made Surface to Air Missiles like this one used extensively in Vietnam.

Click here for the PMSEA (Personnel Missing Southeast Asia) for a detailed report on those accounted for, still missing, and unaccounted for from California.

If he is one of the hundreds of Americans experts now believe are still deceased in captivity in Southeast Asia, what are we doing to bring his remains home? What did he think of us, and why did the American government leave him to die in captivity?? Is it because of greed, or maybe the "river of denial" ran like a stream, and covered over the truth as to his release from his hell on earth.

If you would like to write to families of these missing servicemen, the only way I know is to go to this website, and follow the directions on the website.

When you write the letters to the families, please make sure that you address it in reference to the missing serviceperson's family.

This is how I got in touch with Mrs. Lucy Sennett.
She is the wife of one of my missing servicemen Robert R. Sennett.
I can only imagine what these families like Mrs. Lucy Sennett have been through of not knowing.
This must be hell on earth for them.

Please, let's make their lives easier by taking the torch for them and finding out what happened to their family member, and not accepting anything but the truth, and not subjecting ourselves to the "Presumptive Finding of Death" finding.
As a person of this cause, I can honestly say, that those families expect nothing less. Let's NOT ACCEPT anything less.

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