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"Lakota" (Chill X Justin) Verseau's Lakota SkyMX, MXJ ends the year with his MX and MXJ and 5 Double Q's towards his MACH title. WOW!! We are very proud of this first time agility team. Owner: Christian Eckloff

Greater Clark County KC, WA

"Jeter" (Issie X Joey) WD for a 4 point major to finish his Championship. Awesome!! Happy Owners: Greg and Cathy Procopio

"Jeter" (Issie X Joey) WD for his second major on Sat. Great job! Owners: Greg and Cathy Procopio


PA, Canine Performance Events

"Inness" (Issie X Joey) earns his CLI-R and CLI-H in Agility. Owner: Megan Lloyd-Thompson.

Whidbey Island KC

"Jeter" (Issie X Joey) BOB from the classes on Sat. for a 3 point major!!Great job Cathy!! Owners: Greg and Cathy Procopio

"Jeter" is WD on Sunday for another point. Owners: Greg and Cathy Procopio


"Inness" (Issie X Joey) 3 more runs and 3 new titles. Novice Regular, Novice Tunnelers and Novice Jumpers!! Owner: Megan Lloyd-Thompson


Vancouver KC

"Jeter" (Issie X Joey) BOB from the classes for a point and pulled in Group! Owners: Greg and Cathy Procopio


"Inness" (Issie X Joey) 6 runs, 6 Q's. 2 legs on Novice Regular, 2 on Tunnelers and 2 on Jumpers. Great Job!!! Owner: Megan Lloyd-Thompson


Colorado AKC trial

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin) first leg on Open JWW with a first place. Owner: Kristen Nelson

Lehigh Co KC, PA

"Inness" (Issie X Joey) Verseau's Marsh Inness L'Ariel CGC wins his first point. Excellent! Owner: Megan Lloyd-Thompson


"Lakota" (Chill X Justin) is running in Exc B and racking up Q's towards his MX. Owner: Christian Eckloff

AK, Kenai KC

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin) earns his first Open FAST leg. Owner: Kristen Nelson

Canada, Saskatoon K and OC

"Zorro" (Chill X Nikos) BOB for two points on Sat! Another point and BOB on Sun.Great Job! Owner: Julie Williams


"Splash" (Chill X Nikos) finishes her Canadian CH with a BOB and a Group pull.. Awesome!!!! Owner Cindy Bazin

Anchorage, AK  Arctic Streakers NADAC Trial

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin)  Novice Standard and Novice Weavers first place wins!! Owner: Kristen Nelson

Chugiak, Alaska OTCC trial

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin) adds a NAJ title to his name with another first place win. Owner: Kristen Nelson


Anchorage, AK  DOTC Agility trial

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin) First again in Novice FAST and His second Novice Jumpers leg and with a first place. Owner: Kristen Nelson

Enumclaw, WA  King County Fair

"Mocha" (Issie X Joey) Verseau's Mocha Motion and Kevin compete at the 4_H competition and come away with Reserve Champion in Showmanship and were the Jr Grand Champion for the Fair!! What a great team you both are! Owners: Ron and Kim Bruce

Calgary, Canada Evelyn Kenney Kennel and OB Club

"Splash" (Chill x Nikos) Verseau's Over Ice at Meadowgrove wins Best Puppy all three days and WB/BOS for 2 points each day on Sat and Sun. One more to go!! Owner: Cindy Bazin.


Kenai KC Agility, AK

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin) finishes his Novice FAST title with 2 more legs. Owner: Kristen Nelson

Tanana Valley KC Agility , AK

"Krishna" (Chill X Justin) 2 first place Novice FAST and 1st in Novice Standard. Awesome! Owner: Kristin Nelson



Yukon, Canada

"Candy" Ch Verseau's Kit Kat (Issie X Hunter) finishes her Can. Ch with 2 Group 3 and 2 Group 4's!! Awesome job. Owner: Lisa Mahoney


"Lakota" Verseau's Lakota Sky NA NAJ OA (Chill X Justin) finishes his Open Jumpers title with first place and wins the Excellent A Standard class for their first leg. Kudos! Owner Christian Eckloff


Regional BSC Regina, Sasakatchewan, Canada

"Splash" Verseau's Over Ice at Meadowgrove (Chill X Nikos) Best puppy under breeder/judge Sharon Redmer, Starbright Tervuren. Owner: Cindy Bazin


Belgian Sheepdog Club of Canada, Sask, Can

"Splash" Best in Sweeps under Greg Storms, Chantryile Belgians. Best Puppy under Marcy Spalding, Marwmyth Belgians.

What a Weekend!!!



Puyallup Valley DF and Tacoma KC, Puyallup, WA

"Strider" Verseau's Lord of the Rings (Chill X Justin) Finishes his CH.   


Northern Alberta Canine Association  Alberta, Canada

"Splash" Verseau's On Ice at Meadowgrove (Chill X Nikos) 4 shows, 1 BOB and Best Puppy and 1 BW and Best Puppy equals 5 points towards her Ch!!! Owner: Cindy Bazin


BSCA National Specialty, Wilsonville, OR


"Lakota" Verseau's Lakota Sky NA, NAJ (Chill X Justin ) Qualifies in Open Standard to finish title! Owner: Christian Eckloff

"Krishna" Ch Verseau's Leave Me Breathless RN HT (Chill X Justin) qualifies in Novice Standard. Owner: Kristen Nelson

"Sota" Isengard's Tall Sippin Sota (Chill X Rival) qualifies in FAST. Owner Maryjane Stiles Breeder Lorra Miller


Isengard's "T" kids (Chill X Rival ) can herd! New Pre-Trial Tested on Sheep: "Lance" with Janet Delight and "Tali" with Lorra Miller.


"Jet" Ch Verseau's Keepsake (Issie X Hunter) Owner: Shari Kathol


"Strider" Verseau's Lord of the Rings (Chill X Justin) finishes his CD and RN. Owner/Handler: Danika Kraft


"Holly" Ch Verseau's Holly Golightly HIC, RN 1st in Veteran Sweeps 9-10 years. Owner: Elizabeth, Catherine and Irene Rossman

"Issie" 2nd in Veteran Sweeps 7-9 years.

Regular conformation:

"Jeter" Verseau's Never Growing Up (Issie X Joey)1st in Am Bred dog and Reserve Winners Dog!!! Owners: Greg and Cathy Procopio

Isengard "T"'s (Chill X Rival)

"Teddi" 2nd in Bred-By Owner: Lorra Miller

"Sota" 4th in Open dog.

"Strider" 2nd in Open Dog

"Sayla" Verseau's Neverland at Elancer (Issie X Joey) 1st in Am Bred bitch Owner: Kim Wilson and Rachelle Bailey-Austin

"Issie" 1st in Veteran Bitch and Select!

Junior Showmanship:

Kevin Bruce and "Mocha" Verseau's Mocha Motion (Issie X Joey) 1st in Novice Junior.

Danika Kraft and "Strider" 1st in Open Senior and BEST JUNIOR SHOWMAN!!!

Of course a Special congrats to three of my favorite boys:

"Justin" Ch Isengard's Just in Time HXAs, HSAcd, MX, AXJ and Lorra Miller

3 Q's in Agility of 4 tries, 2 Q's in Herding 2 tries, 2 Q's in Obedience to finish his CD, Best in Working Sweeps, Select!

"Joey" Ch Isengard's Joe Cool RA and Rachelle Bailey-Austin

Best in Veteran Sweeps, 1st in Veterans and Select

"Brodhi" Ch Isengard's Oncore HIC TDI and Penny King and Lorra Miller



OTCC , Chugiak, AK

"Krishna" Verseau's Leave Me Breathless  (Chill X Justin) earns his first leg in Novice A Obedience. Owner: Kristen Nelson


Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club, Saskatoon, Canada

"Zorro" Verseau's Ole Zorro (Chill X Nikos) makes his debut and picks up his first point. Owner: Julie Williams


San Mateo KC and Oakland KC, CA

"Tali" Isengard's Talisen (Chill X Rival) Finishes her CH on Sat. Breeder/Owner: Lorra Miller

"Bear" Verseau's Lewis (Chill X Justin) Finishes his CH on Sunday with BW/Best of Breed! Owner: Tom Zioncheck.

Two new Champions for Chill!  Proud of you both!!

Chintimini KC, OR

"Jet" (Issie X Hunter) Verseau's Keepsake is WD on Saturday for another 3 points to finish his Championship!! Great Job! Owner: Shari Kathol

"Strider" (Chill X Justin) and Danika earn their first CD leg in Novice B Obedience. Whoo Hoo!!

"Strider" and Danika repeat on Sunday for leg # 2. I'm proud of them both.

Seattle KC, WA

"Jeter" (Issie X Joey ) Verseau's Never Growing Up. WD/BOS for a point on Sat. WD/BOS  again on Sunday. Owner: Greg Procopio

Finally an chance to update on one of the kids who deserves some applause and our apologies.

"Lakota" Verseau's Lakota Sky (Justin X Chill) LAST YEAR finished his NA, NAJ, NAP and NJP with owner Christian Eckhoff. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to hearing more agility news in the near future.




BSCA Regional Specialty - judges Barbara Peach (Regular), Sue Haase (Sweeps), Teddi Gill (Jrs)

"Issie" Ch Verseau's Isabeau d'Anjou CD RN (Willow X Kilarney) Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweeps.1st in Veteran Bitch and Award of Merit.

"Patty" Verseau's Make Mine Black (Issie X Joey) is WB.


"Sota" Isengard's Tall Sippin' Sota PT (Chill X Rival) Bred by Lorra Miller Owner Maryjane Stiles 1st in Open Dog and RWD.

"Stider" Verseau's Lord of the Rings (Chill X Justin) 4th in Open dogs. 1st in Open Sr with Danika.

"Jeter" Verseau's Never Growing Up (Issie X Joey) 2nd in Open Dogs. Owner: Greg Procopio


Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon (Fri and Sat)

Tualatin KC (Sun and Mon)

Friday - judge Michelle Billings

"Jet" Verseau's Keepsake (Issie X Hunter) 1st in Open Dogs and RWD to a major. Owner: Shari Kathol.

"Patty" WB/BW/BOS for a major.

"Strider" 3rd in Open Dogs.

Sat - judge Thomas Kilcullen

"Jet" (Issie X Hunter) WD for a Major!

"Patty" (Issie X Joey) WB/BW/BOS for another major. NEW CHAMPION!!!

Congratulations to Penny King, Lorra Miller and Brodhi BOB win and Group 4 on Animal Planet.

Sun - judge Ralph Ambrosio (Regular), Jill Miller (Sweeps)

BSCA Supported entry

"Issie" Best in Sweeps!

"Jet" (Issie X Hunter) WD/BW for another Major. He nows in in the 1 point club!!

"Strider" (Chill X Justin) 4th in Open Dogs.

Mon judge Linda More

"Strider" RWD. Pulled in Open Sr.

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