Darkness Beneath the Fog
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Mortals are the everyday folk who run things about London. They are the people who do all the random jobs, the people who work on the police force, the criminals, the politicians, the shopkeepers. For the most part, they have no idea of the world that lies beneath the city, the world that surrepticiously runs their lives.

Currently we are accepting positions for all types of mortals. The applications need not be quite as detailed, though a well-rounded background with information about your past and how you came to arrive in London will be required. In addition, if you wish extra dots for whatever reason, your background will need to reflect that addition in th eform of substance.

Hunters of all supernaturals fall into the category of Mortals as well. If you intend to apply for a hunter character, you will need to include information about how you became a hunter, how you hunt, how many kills you've had, and any sort of information that might be available to the supernaturals that you hunt. Remember, you are hunting the predator, and their contacts reach far and wide. It is unlikely that, unless you just began hunting, that they would have no idea of your existence. Backgrounds for hunters will need to be more detailed than your regular vanilla mortal.


The mortal+ sphere consists primarly of psychics. Kinfolk, ghouls, and other mortal+ characters with specific ties to another sphere will be handled by that sphere leader. In London, there is little limit to what powers you can possess, provided that your background is extensive and explains how you came to get those powers, and how you learned to use them.

Mortal+ hunters are allowed on this MUSH, and are in fact encouraged. Again, your background will need to reflect how you became a hunter, and any information that a supernatural might be able to locate on you specifically.

If you have any questions about what is available or the application procedure, please contact Christiana or Coll. Both are eager to help you join their spheres.
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